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5 ways fashion brand Jack Wills could boost sales through CRO

Quirky high street brand Jack Wills is known for an innovative approach to fashion -- along with its inherent sense of ‘Britishness’, and it’s doing a lot right with its gorgeous image-driven website. However, there’s still room for improvement and a quick glance at the site has shown us 5 simple CRO techniques they could use to really boost their online sales.

  1. Give a stock level indication

jack wills CRO hit searchUnlike many of its competitors, Jack Wills does not let customers know if a product is selling fast, or if there’s a limited number left. When implemented, this can create a sense of demand and urgency around an item, and can make up the mind of a potential customer thinking ‘I’ll buy it later’. If they want that must-have jacket and know there’s a risk it’ll sell out, they’ll buy it now rather than leaving it to chance that it’ll still be there another day.

  1. Cross sell products

Many fashion retailers offer customers the chance to complete the look by giving them the option to order other items from the pictured outfit. If Jack Wills implemented this, it would mean that customers could pick up the shoes that look great with that dress, or the jeans that work with that jumper and increase their basket value at the same time.

  1. Use product videos

Although Jack Wills uses promotional video content on their site, they don’t offer individual product videos in the way that other retailers such as Monsoon do. Videos give customers a much better idea of the look and fit of a garment than a photograph does. This gives them more confidence that this is the right item for them, and means they’re more likely to take it to the checkout.

  1. Allow customer reviews

jack wills CRO hit search 2Customer reviews would not only demonstrate that Jack Wills is a trusted retailer, but also give consumers increased confidence in the products themselves. Marks & Spencer offer customers the chance to leave comprehensive reviews that detail the look, feel and fit of a product. So if customers report that a shirt is a bit on the small side, people know to order a size up. As with videos, this gives them a better idea of which product is the right one and increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase.

  1. Sort-able gallery pages

Jack Wills does offer some comprehensive filters for its gallery pages, however they do not give any ‘sort by’ options to allow the user to organise the results by price (ascending or descending) or by other variables such as ‘new in’. This means a customer potentially has to scroll through a long list of products to find the newest or most affordable for them, decreasing the chances of them staying on the site and making a purchase.

They might seem like small additions to a retail site, but these kinds of conversion rate optimisation can make a big difference to a company’s bottom line.

Hit Search specialises in CRO for the retail industry and several of our clients are fashion labels with a great product and popular brand who are still looking to improve their performance online.

The beauty of conversion rate optimisation is that it is never truly finished. A site can be improved to generate more conversions and when consumer tastes or skill sets alter, the website can be altered to capture their business.

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