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What we learnt from our fashion clients’ campaigns in 2014

With our experience in the retail sector getting stronger with every season, we've rounded up what we learned from our fashion clients in 2014. This could provide your company with useful insight when facing similar challenges throughout the year ahead.

Our retail clients are a diverse group; with designer maternity wear, start up shoe brands and established US brands looking to expand into the UK fashion market. We enjoyed a lot of success with these companies last year and here’s what we learned along the way:

  • Data driven Conversion Rate Optimisation is essential

    – no matter how much virtual footfall you drive to a fashion site, if the customers are not checking out, it’s a pretty fruitless achievement. With just a few hours of data analysis, some A/B testing and a quick review of performance, we managed to increase conversion rates for our client Wild Fox by 112.5% in just 8 weeks. For full details see our Wild Fox case study.
  • New comers really need a multi-channel approach

    – it is hard to establish a new fashion retail brand in the designer sphere with every high end fashion brand wanting to be seen on the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. This kind of coverage is not only difficult to come by, it’s extremely expensive and cannot be directly measured.

    Hit Search helped Salt Resort Wear to achieve greater exposure in different regions through a comprehensive PPC campaign; expanding their reach to countries like the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Australia and further markets in Europe. This increased brand awareness and aided the growth of the brand’s Social Media presence. In the first six months of the campaign, we delivered a 50% increase in organic traffic based on year on year for August 2013/14 and even more impressively a 340% increase in organic revenue. We have achieved increased rankings, visibility and all important conversions through a varied, multi-channel campaign, driving steady revenue growth.

  • Multi-channel investment must be closely tracked, understood and acted upon

    – with Salt Resort Wear, it was essential that we accurately monitored across all promotional channels to feed into further investment strategy. A major part of the brief was to track user activity, and to continually analyse the performance of our digital marketing channels, including SEO and PPC. Our advanced analytics, including basket abandonment, funnel tracking and attribution modelling all helped us to discover which channels were really performing. We were able to advise the client where future spends should be targeted and in doing so, we were able to evolve our strategy, based on what was working and what was not.
  • Content is still king when you’re selling aspirational brands

    – content, social and SEO are now so intrinsically linked that we would no longer even try to deliver search results without a well planned and executed content delivery schedule. This is especially true of the fashion retail space where there has always a huge appetite for content. We’ve found innovative, shareable and on trend content has delivered great results for clients including Blossom Mother & Child, Heidi Klein and Butterfly Twists.
  • Some of the biggest brands are missing big opportunities online

    – our recent review of the Forever 21 website shows that even the biggest brands have room to improve on digital marketing efforts. Make sure you capitalise on branded search, have a solid outreach plan for engaging with your community and get the basics right on your website; unique meta descriptions on products, clear navigation and calls to action, a mobile optimised site and keyword rich content – an over reliance on garment photographs will not help Google to find and rank your website.
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