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The Key Elements Of Attribution Modelling For Cruise Providers – Infographic


Attribution modelling infographic

"How did my customers find me?" This is a question all cruise providers need to ask themselves and one of the most important questions which will help you chart a course to success. Are they finding me through social, or is my email marketing campaign working? Is PPC really working for me, or should I be focussing on content? With so many channels to choose from, it’s important you’re directing time and money to the right ones – the ones that are driving conversions.

In short, attribution modelling identifies which channels are ultimately driving conversions and allows you to identify which part of your omnichannel approach should receive more spend. Whether it’s your PPC campaign, email marketing campaign, social campaigns etc. each channel needs to increase awareness, drive conversions and boost loyalty otherwise you’re floating aimlessly in a sea of competitors. By utilising customer attribution modelling, you can get the complete picture of your customer journey and therefore sculpt your campaigns to suit.

By identifying the touch points that have been the most influential in your marketing campaign, you increase your chances of high conversion rates.

But what are the touch points you need to include in your attribution model?

We’ve created a fun infographic identifying each element of the decision making process a customer may go through. Each element can be vital, but not every element works for every cruise provider – you need to find out which channel is working for you.

Here at Hit Search we specialise in attribution modelling, in fact we’ve even created a free booklet explaining all about attribution modelling – essential reading for those in the cruise sector. You can download it here.

For more information, contact an expert about attribution modelling on 0845 643 9289.

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