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Lee Glynn

Put The Wind Back In Your Sales – 5 Must See Mobile Marketing Tips For Cruise Providers


All businesses have the potential to increase awareness, loyalty and ultimately conversions by integrating an effective mobile strategy into their online marketing campaign. In fact, businesses who actually want to keep their rankings on Google have no choice but to conform to the new Google Mobile Algorithm update set to drop on the 21st of April, which will see thousands of unprepared sites fall out of the rankings if webmasters fail to optimise their website correctly. Mobile marketing is no longer a “Nice to have” but an essential part of a campaign that can no longer be ignored.

Aside from potential banishment from Google rankings, there are a myriad of other things site owners should be worried about when it comes to mobile marketing. Site speed, mobile content, social strategy – you name it, mobile needs to be addressed. Thankfully, cruise providers in particular have a fantastic opportunity to not only create fantastic content but appeal to mobile users in a way that will increase loyalty and conversions.

If you’re unsure whether you’re doing mobile marketing right, here are 5 mobile marketing tips that will put the wind back into any cruise provider’s sails.

  1. Optimise your site for mobile

Many cruise providers seem to be doing the right thing when it comes to updating their site for mobile, but there are a few that are still lagging behind.

Royal Caribbean are one of the largest cruise providers in the world, yet they are veering towards a serious Google penalty due to the fact their site is in no way ready for the Google mobile update.

royal carribean marketing

Using webmaster tools, we were able to discover that the text was too small to read, links were too close together, a mobile viewport was not set and the content was wider than the screen. As we all know, Google wants all sites to provide their users with a pleasant user experience, and you should be too. Royal Caribbean risk losing conversions because their site is really hard to navigate on mobile.

  1. Prominent phone number – Click to call

Having a click to call button is a known factor that increases conversions. If your site relies on people calling through to your sales team, make it easy for smart phone users by implementing a click to call button. The less effort someone has to make to get in touch with you, the more likely they’ll call through.

  1. Social media campaign

Always keep your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn and especially your instagram profiles update regularly with content people will actually want to read. In today’s mobile age, everyone is researching a company they’re about to do business with across multiple platforms, so make sure you look good. Remember, people looking for cruises want highly visual elements that will excite and appeal. Run competitions, have social-only specials that only twitter followers can use, and provide a social media experience that is regularly updated.

  1. Social engagement

Social engagement is vital to the success of a business. Whether it’s dealing with complaints directly or retweeting one of your guest’s photographs that they have taken whilst on your cruise, engagement is the key to loyalty. If you’re providing a service that people can connect and engage with, you’re onto a winning formula. Ask guests to check in on social media or run photography campaigns through your social channels and reward them for it.

  1. Make the conversion process easy for mobile users

Making the conversion process easier for mobile users is one of the best ways cruise companies can increase conversions. Considering less people are likely to convert through mobile when booking a holiday than they are when using a desktop, it is vital cruise providers make the conversion process as simple as possible. If you are finding that people are bouncing from your site a lot quicker when visiting via mobile, try and find out why that is. Are you asking for too much information at the checkout process, do you have huge images that are slowing load time causing people to leave, are your buttons too small? All these aspects discourage users from converting, so make sure your site is geared up to provide a quick checkout process. Flashy images and great content on the checkout page may look ok on a desktop, but when it comes to mobile, you want to make the experience as easy as possible.

For more information on mobile marketing or to find out if your site is ready for the mobile algorithm update, contact an expert at Hit Search on 0845 643 9289.



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