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Lee Glynn

3 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Drive Low Cost Case Volumes

Legal firm social media plan

For legal firms, the use of social media as a way to generate leads has been widely neglected. But this medium of communication is a great way to drive low cost case volumes and establish your brand as a firm people can trust, someone they look to for information, and eventually, the firm they look to if they ever need legal advice. So how can legal firms use social media to drive low cost case volumes I hear you ask? Here’s 3 quick tips that will give your social media campaign a jumpstart!

1. Post regularly

In this day and age of instant information and constant connectivity, before we purchase anything or choose a brand for their products and services, we research. Whether it’s reviews, the fact they have a strong presence online or what their social presence is like. Just like a blog on a website, if your social feed is dead or there are weeks in-between social posts, it can give off the wrong impression and one that you are simply not on the ball when it comes to current affairs.

Besides – if you’re not on social media these days, you’re essentially a dinosaur (I’m sorry Dad).

So post regularly and make sure you post good content. Legal firms have an opportunity to piggyback on current affairs affecting the nation. Issues like food poisoning, changes to legislation or even asbestos claims currently in the news will be monitored by millions of twitter users. Join the conversation and offer some advice or a link to a thought leadership piece that you have created. Someone looking for a solicitor to help them with their food poisoning issue might see your post and think “Yep, that’s the firm for me” whereas other firms who fail to capitalise on the issue may miss out.

2. Be different

Your law firm is different from every other law firm, or at least it should be. Your social strategy should show that clearly. Many of the top law firms in the country have thousands of followers on social media, but those thousands of followers don’t necessarily want to know about YOUR products and services 100% of the time. Create a social plan that stands out from the crowd and one that generates REAL interest from a wide range of clientele.

These could be quirky facts about outdated laws, funny pictures of people falling off bikes or even the simple act of actually having an opinion. Awareness through great social content leads to people thinking about your brand name when they need legal advice. Whether you’re posting funny content, useful explanatory content on the latest legal changes or spearheading an informative campaign, you need to stand out from the crowd on social media if you want to generate followers and eventually, leads.

3. Connect with the right people through paid social

The fire and hope to hit method is not the best marketing plan, I’m sure you’d agree. This is where targeted ads really come in handy. Targeted ads on social make sure that your content gets in front of the right person at the right time. It’s a fantastic way to amplify your content and appeal to people talking about the issues that you can provide legal advice for.

You can target brand managers on LinkedIn or fans of Mad Men on twitter, more importantly, you can target those who are enquiring or discussing aspects of personal injury. For every social platform out there, there are potentially thousands of people who want to read, watch or interact with content you’re producing.

For more information on how to give your legal social strategy a kickstart, call the digital marketing experts at Hit Search on 0800 011 9270 today.

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