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5 Instagram Tips for Fashion Brands


Having a colossal 300 million monthly active users makes it no surprise that fashion brands are maximising the potential selling power that Instagram has. Whether that be through the use of ads, competitions, behind the scenes videos or simply beautiful product photography, fashion royalty are taking note of this quirky, intuitive interface in a big way.

We’ve had a scroll through some of these brands and hope to explore just how they have achieved their success, as well as advise on how you can get a slice of the action.

Be Creative and Consistent.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done in some cases, however these are essential commitments you need to make if you’re going to join the Instagram feed rat race that is already nominated by the style kingpins.

A great example of this is Harvey Nichols. Not only are the images very professionally shot, in picturesque environments, but they also post several times each day. In addition, the cherry on the cake is that HN manage to craft relevant, topical and often entertaining copy to accompany said imagery. Given these considerations, it’s really no surprise that this luxury retailer has accrued nearly 200,000 followers. Take note, fashionistas.

Be Aware of Platform Etiquette.

As with every on and offline marketing platform there is good and bad practice. Hashtags are common place nowadays wherever you look online, and Instagram is no different. However using them sparingly, and in the right context is key to your accounts success, amongst many other idiosyncrasies.

This leads on nicely to another great example in shoe and accessories giants, Kurt Geiger. These guys deserve major kudos for their adherence to the Instagram rulebook. They tag celebrities when they’re featured wearing KG products and also contribute to existing streams of conversation, a lot of which are not necessarily fashion based topics, such as the recent #RoyalBaby. A perfect balance of quotes, product and celeb imagery as well as glossy promo photos make their feed a pleasure to scroll through.

Engage and Interact with your Audience.

Whether it be a flyer, a website or via social media, the results you hope to achieve are predominantly to strengthen your brand and drive people to make purchases. So continuing with that comparison, if someone picked up the phone and responded to your flyer and you ignored them your initial outlay would be pretty pointless. Similarly with Instagram, if your beautiful image complete with filter and frame manages to get a response from your audience and you don’t respond to it, you might start to get some negative comments.

Top of the class at this audience interaction and engagement is infamous pure play business, Boohoo.com. They respond to positive or negative posts quickly and respectfully but more than that, the audience are so embedded in the company fabric that every post is targeted very accurately at one of the personas of their target demographic.

Integrate Instagram into Existing Strategy.

This may sound like an obvious point to raise, however you wouldn’t believe the amount of brands trying to run many marketing channels in silo to one another and are wondering why it’s not taking off.

A recent example of doing this well is Very with their #VeryMe campaign which runs across all marketing collateral and even has its own microsite giving the content generated by their followers to be enjoyed in one gallery space.

By combining your efforts across the board you are more likely to encourage your audience to participate and interact with your brand on a platform they are comfortable with, rather than being forced to use Facebook to ask queries when that isn’t their preference. Also, research indicates the more your brand is in the subconscious of consumers, the more likely they are to convert and spend money.

Host Events, Competitions and Promos.

Posting cool content alone isn’t enough to continuously grow your followers and conversions.

The brand accounts that excel go the extra mile and hold ‘insta-parties’ whereby there is a theme resulting content shared globally from people joining in with the party. This then enables you to gather ugc (user generated content) for use as required as well as be front of mind as a technologically aware, fun company that the audience want to be ambassadors of.

In addition to the parties, other promo events, competitions and contests are proven to be a hit, as long as the usual considerations about who it’s targeted towards and how it will attract them are made. You obviously wouldn’t use a female vlogger famous with teen girls to entice yummy mummies to interact with you online, so planning is as key as ever.

The team at Hitsearch are highly experienced within the fashion and retail sector, and our current clients have been stunned by the results we can provide. From strategy through to content creation and of course the impressive bit, reporting on your conversions. For more information on what we could provide your brand, give us a call on 0800 011 9226.


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