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Lewis Moulds

Making a case for programmatic display advertising in the fashion industry

fashion officeYou’ve been given the hard sell about programmatic display, and you probably think it’s a good idea, but now you have to explain to the boss or a host of investors why you’re parting with the cash to do it.


That’s why we’re helping you out with today’s blog, which makes a short and simple case for this increasingly popular advertising platform.

Programmatic buying is so smart that it’s borderline sci-fi, but before you grab a metallic jumpsuit, this isn’t the future. It’s the present. Here’s why it’s such a good idea:

Programmatic buying for fashion

The reason that programmatic display planning and buying is so useful is that it automates a lot of processes which used to be time consuming and tricky. We set the budget and the goals, but the system rapidly adjusts a number of parameters concerning audience and behavioural data.

Essentially, the system finds your audience and positions your display content in front of these users.

Learning and improving

Programmatic algorithms adjust campaign variables in real time. In addition to placing your ads in front of the target demographic, it will trial ads in front of other groups which match their behavioural profile.

When these ads work and generate engagement, the system expands this activity. When they don’t, they’re cut off automatically and spend is reallocated. This all happens automatically in real time. The campaign gets better over time. Meanwhile, we spend less time wading through spreadsheets and more time on the fun stuff: better creative and new ideas.

The future

In time, programmatic display will only become more sophisticated and in all likelihood, it won’t be too long until it boasts a dominant market share of the display sector. You cannot afford to ignore the channel for too much longer. If you do, you’re missing out on valuable touch points with your audience and also making more work for your team.

Need we say more?

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