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Conversion Solutions

Not all Traffic is Made Equal


Digital marketers are under a constant pressure to increase user and session volumes to site – but sometimes getting bogged down in the detail of secondary metrics and micro-KPIs means it’s easy to forget the one reason that we’re all here: the bottom line.

Long term, there’s often get a better return in making your website work harder to squeeze more conversions from the traffic you already have, than there is in investing marketing budget on capturing new audiences. Not all traffic may be made equal, but we can help you to make sure you’re making the most of yours.


Conversion Solutions with a Twist


No digital strategy is complete without conversion work – this is an ethos that the Hitsearch team are passionate and adamant about. So, conversion optimisation is something we build into every single one of our clients’ strategies, in one way or another. In fact, we’re so dedicated to CRO and the role it plays in marketing, that we’re proud so say we’re one of the only digital agencies in the UK offering such advanced conversion optimisation services and technologies to our clients. Find out more about them below:


Standard CRO Services

Part of every marketing campaign we work on. We take data from your existing reporting platforms (GA for example) and combine it with insights from our own data-gathering tools to produce a comprehensive conversion strategy.

We’ll focus on understanding the core conversion journey(s) that users take on your site and then drill down into each individual step to unveil opportunities for improvement.

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Ecommerce Enhancement

How well do you know you really know your target persona? How accurate are the shopping funnels that are providing you with data? Is there something obvious you’ve missed that’s causing shopping cart abandonment?

Having worked on hundreds of ecom sites over the years, our team really knows their stuff when it comes to turning a good ecommerce UX into a great one.

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Advanced Biometrics & Neuromarketing

Taking conversion analysis to the next level – we offer a suite of advanced neuromarketing services that open up a whole world of new ways to understand how users interact with your site. From eye-tracking tests to see what is and isn’t looked at, to monitoring heart rates and perspiration levels to understand ease of usability, to measuring actual brain activity to define emotional responses to your website experience – this is conversion optimisation like you’ve never seen it before.

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