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Creative Solutions


Marketing Solutions with a Creative Flair


At its heart, marketing is inherently a creative practice. While it’s obviously important that marketing activity be well-informed by data, strategy and technical expertise – it’s the creative that really brings a campaign to life. That’s why here at Hitsearch, we work with combined marketing solutions rather than just talking about singular channels – great marketing only happens with all elements considered.


Creative marketing channels


We deliver our solutions through a combination of channels. You won’t hear us talk about “an SEO strategy” without mention of digital PR, and we’re firm believers that conversion optimisation is a thread running through all worthwhile marketing activity – not a standalone service. That said, you can find some more info about the creative channels we do utilise below:


Digital PR & Outreach

Digital PR is an essential part of virtually any marketing campaign.

Our approach is different to that of more traditional PR agencies, as we focus on amplifying your brand’s voice specifically on online platforms, and design PR activity so that it dovetails with other parts of your digital campaign.

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Content Marketing

Our creative team is packed full of passionate content marketers. Whether it’s a piece of visual content for an outbound campaign or some snappy copy for a monthly email newsletter, we’ve got you covered. From ideation and design, to implementation and outreach, and everything in between – we can deliver effective content marketing campaigns that deliver results.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t the right tactic for every brand, but for many, collaborating with those who have already captured the attention of your target market is a great way of increasing brand awareness and driving traffic and sales. Influencer marketing covers so much more than just Instagrammers, with all kinds of other social and wider digital platforms holding a wealth of potential for your brand to tap into.

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Social Media Marketing

Your brand’s social channels are often one of the most direct ways of connecting with your target audience, and they shouldn’t be neglected.

If managed well, social can be an incredibly powerful platform for cultivating a targeted online audience, establishing brand and building trust, as well as amplifying other digital marketing efforts.

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Creative Content & Copywriting

Always thinking outside the creative box, we aspire to deliver top notch content that captures your online audience and keeps them coming back for more. With plenty of experience producing copy for all digital media and platforms - it's our job to make sure that your business’s marketing messaging content is on-brand, interesting, and superior to the competition’s.

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Brand Identity Development

We take brand identity pretty seriously, as we understand the simple fact that a strong brand can bring financial longevity and scalability for any business. If you’re looking to launch a new brand, we’ll take you through the whole process of discovering ‘who’ that brand is and where it fits in the market, and translate that into a strong physical and visual identity that will bring the new business to life.

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Marrying creativity with results & ROI


“Creative” doesn’t have to mean fluffy and hard to measure, we promise. Even the most creative of ideas have to be underpinned by data, by measured by KPIs, and ultimately contribute towards a core business goal. That’s the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing solution. And as a team of deeply analytics thinkers with a suite of sophisticated reporting tools in our arsenal, with us, measuring performance and reporting ROI is no biggie.

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