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CRO Agency | Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

What is CRO? | A/B Testing | Eye Tracking | Biometrics, Testing | Heatmaps | MVT (Multiple Variate Testing)


What is CRO and how does it assist in marketing?


Hit Search’s ability to get under the skin of your target audience, and how they use your website, means that we can confidently call ourselves CRO experts

Conversion Rate Optimisation can be defined as a process that maximises the number of potential customers to take a specific action, when visiting your website. At Hit Search, we're a CRO Agency that believes it is crucial to any digital marketing strategy. The role that Conversion Rate Optimisation plays in a successful marketing campaign should not be underestimated. A successful marketing campaign might be defined by an increase in visitors to your site by the likes of an SEO or PPC led strategy, but if these users aren’t converting, then half the battle is lost. Whatever your goal (a sale, a lead generated, an email sign up, an appointment booking or a relevant download), a conversion will be achieved after the successful completion of one or all of the above. If the goals are not completed, your customers are not converting. It’s as simple as that. This is where the valuable process of CRO comes in. Conversion Rate Optimisation will measure the percentage of visitors to your website that actually convert and seek to increase it. Using the resources of a professional CRO agency to dig into the reasons why people aren’t converting at the rate they should, Hit Search will make recommendations for your website and marketing strategy to better meet the needs of your audience, and thereby increase your conversion rate.


How will CRO improve the performance of your website?


By performing a CRO test, we will gain a better knowledge of what your potential customers are looking for, and expecting, when they visit your website. A CRO test can take many different forms, depending on the KPI that needs to be improved. At Hit Search, we tailor our CRO services specifically to each client, using the data gathered from our research to ensure that your website is always performing optimally and achieving its goals.




Why will CRO make you money?

CRO’s main objective is to improve your website’s conversion rate, playing an essential role in increasing profits to your business. Conversion rate optimisation services will make recommendations such as simplifying your home page, your checkout process within ecommerce CRO or improving site navigation and, once these recommendations have been implemented, you can start to see results. Our CRO knowledge is invaluable for boosting client sales. Whilst increasing traffic by 50% is still a move in the right direction, an increased conversion rate of as little as 2% is more beneficial to your business’ bottom line.

Split Testing


Finding your solution: Split Test Marketing Services and A/B Testing

Find out what makes your customers tick.

The Process of a typical CRO test

The type of CRO test performed will depend on the website and client in question but typically, CRO testing takes two main forms: A/B testing and customer journey analysis.


A/B Testing

This is the action of comparing two versions of a web page or app to determine which one performs better for a given conversion goal – an effective form of conversion rate optimisation. A/B testing only works with consistent element analysis, choosing and then properly implementing the most effective format – an exercise our conversion rate optimisation team is well-equipped for!

When looking to perform an A/B test, it can be tempting to test multiple page elements at once to see whether your conversion rate increases. However, even though you could see a dramatic increase in conversions, you’ll never know which element change encouraged those conversions! Therefore, it’s imperative our CRO team concentrate on one of your site elements at a time to ensure your business relies on accurate data in order to create a much more impactful site - helping you to better compete in your marketplace.


Customer Journey Analysis

This CRO test pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, assessing the customer’s journey and identifying any potential blockers of the conversion goals.

What tools are used?

Our trusty conversion rate optimisation tool, Visual Web Optimiser (VWO) and Google optimize are tools equipped with some amazing features and platform functionality, which will work to reveal valuable and super-useful insights about the ways in which your website visitors are using your website currently.

Eye Tracking


Eye Tracking Analysis

What could be more effective than viewing your website through the eyes of your customer?


What is Eye-Tracking?

Eye-tracking is the recording and study of an eye’s movements when faced with a visual stimulus. Seeing your website through the eyes of your potential customers will help ensure that your website is best optimised for conversion. We use cutting edge eye tracking devices to monitor where a potential customer actually looks on a website (not just where they place the mouse, as with traditional heat maps), whether they realise where their eyes are drawn or not. It also measure blink rate and pupil dilation, which are both metrics than can be affected by how we feel when using specific areas of a website or completing a predetermined task.


How will an Eye-Tracking Service Benefit your Business?

The movement of a customer’s eyes will reveal a lot about your products and website. It benefits your business by highlighting potential barriers to conversion, whether that’s an overly complex booking system or a tricky-to -use checkout. These frustrations and pain points can cause people to abandon their journey or mean that they are unlikely to be repeat customers, so need to be identified as soon as possible. This analysis can also highlight what your customers are ignoring in their journey through your site. Are there important messages that they are missing?

Our insight can help you determine how best to focus your resources and on-site developments to radically improve the user experience and provide a more successful path to conversion. We can show you what is and isn’t working on your website currently, as well as providing in-depth recommendations for fixing problems and streamlining processes.


Expert Analysis of Eye Tracking Data

The benefits of any scientific data can only be realised when combined with expert analysis. Hit Search work with a team of academics at Liverpool University, to ensure that our gathering and analysis of eye tracking data fits within a best practice framework, helping us to draw the most accurate conclusions and insight possible.

Whether it’s navigational tweaks, types of content that prompt more positive reactions, highlighting certain functions to customers or making CTAs more obvious, our eye tracking analysis can provide you with a road map towards significantly increasing your conversion rates.

Biometric Testing


The Future is here: Biometric Testing and Analysis

Humans are more than simply a ‘potential lead’. Begin your marketing success, by understanding how they work.


Why are biometrics used?

Studying the human psyche can provide a wealth of valuable information and data which can help to improve your website’s conversion rate. Various biometric technologies are used to help us assess cognitive and emotional responses towards your marketing measures and products. Due to their ability to gauge what is going on in the subconscious mind, biometrics product accurate, insightful results, which is why they are widely used in marketing today.

The technology that enables biometric testing and analysis, for this type of purpose specifically, ranges from sensors for heart rate monitoring to eye tracking, galvanic skin response (sweat levels) and brain activity. Being able to measure a wide range of different biological responses to what the test subject is seeing and doing on a website, enables an incredible amount of data to be collected for analysis. As many of the body’s responses in this type of setting are totally involuntary, they offer an authentic view on how people are reacting to a website and various steps on the user journey, regardless of whether the user is aware of it or not. This scientific data is combined with their more conscious responses, to build a fuller picture of how the site works (or doesn’t work) for them.


Should my website use biometric testing?

In short, if you want to take the appropriate actions to totally transforming your conversion rate, then, yes. Having acquired expertise in the biometrics field, Hit Search can conduct biometric tests to uncover a vast range of data that then enables us to make recommendations to our clients, based on solid evidence. If it’s goal completions you’re after, then a combination of agency expertise and biometric technologies are the tools you need.

Is Biometrics the future?

Understanding the way that people work and think has now become a crucial element of a successful digital marketing strategy. By using cutting-edge biometric testing and analysis processes on a range of people that closely match a brand or company’s target customers, we can find patterns of behaviour and responses that provide us with insight into how to overcome barriers to conversions and sales. With biometrics well and truly earning their place in the marketing world, it’s critical your business isn’t left behind.

Heat Mapping


The Benefits of Heat Mapping

What if your website could mirror the behaviour patterns of its users?


What is Heat Mapping?

Heat maps are essential as they have the ability to draw instant attention to any major issues on your website. At Hit Search, we see the use of heat mapping as a must for any client – once basic issues are fixed, we can move onto things. A form of conversion rate optimisation data capture, heat mapping works by analysing mouse movements, clicks and scrolls to gather data about your user’s journey through your website. Once we understand how users are interacting with your site and exactly which elements are struggling to convert, or could be optimised further to deliver a much higher rate of conversion, the quicker we can start mapping out a comprehensive CRO strategy.


Why should you use Heat Maps?

Ask yourself this: If you never find out how your users are interacting with your site how will you ever improve your conversions long-term? Gaining insights into your user’s behaviour isn’t worth doing unless it’s done properly and although a little on the pricey side, the data you will gain about how your target audience interacts with your site makes heat mapping and other biometric tests a no-brainer in today’s market.

The tools we use at Hit Search

When performing and monitoring heatmap tests, we use Visual Web Optimiser and HotJar.



How does Multivariate Testing work?

Although effective, the process of A/B testing only allows us to test the results of variations with a single parameter each time. Multivariate testing allows us to dig a bit deeper, changing multiple page elements (such as both the image and headline on the page) at the same time. By doing this, we are able to discover the perfect combination of page elements. or an increased conversion rate for your website. When optimising landing pages or creating new ones, MVT (multivariate testing) allows you to analyse the effectiveness of different visuals, different copy and ultimately can help you determine the best version of each webpage for your users.


Why do we use it?

At Hit Search, we don’t settle for second best. Multivariate testing allows us to ensure we are opting for the best possible page layout, copy and overall visuals. This gives our clients the confidence that their website has been designed to deliver the best possible results.

What tools do we use?

Being able to deliver the highest conversion rates possible for your business is only possible with the help of some of the most advanced multivariate software called Visual Web Optimiser (VWO). This software, coupled with our team’s expert knowledge, will help to ensure your site generates a great ROI.

Testing and Trialling


Testing and Trialling: Split URL's

Choosing the best version of your website.


The Strategy

Split URL testing is the practice of hosting multiple versions of your website, on different URL’s. At Hit Search, we will use our expertise to assess your website thoroughly and if it becomes apparent that back end or significant design changes are required, we will perform a split URL test. The split will help you determine which version of your website has a better conversion rate for your visitors, which Hit Search can then recommend to you. Hit Search will use split testing software to analyse the amount of traffic on each version of your website, to identify the version that converts the best.


Why should I use Split Testing?

Split testing puts your website visitors right in the heart of your decision-making process, allowing you to see which version is keeping your visitors from making a conversion. Choosing the correct page version with the best information and design will not only encourage higher visitor engagement but can also make for repeat customers. Hit Search promise qualitative and valuable feedback as a result of the split testing process.



The Review Process

Last but certainly not least: the quick wins.


Conducting a CRO review

A review or an analysis, regardless of services, is always required for any of our clients. This is the phase where we can really begin to understand the problems that lie within your current website functionality. We can identify where the quick wins lie, so you can witness some really positive results at the very beginning of your conversion optimisation journey.

Even your best website pages will diminish in effectiveness over time – change is, after all, the only constant in the world of digital marketing. That’s why it’s important to continually review your website; making adjustments to your goals and objectives accordingly, and continued understanding of what your users want out of your website.


There are many areas of development that will have an impact on your website’s conversion rate. We benchmark your average conversion rate, such as the average fashion ecommerce conversion rate for your fashion retail site and then work to improve it. That’s why our CRO review forms a crucial part of our conversion service; it will help us establish the level at which your site should be performing.

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