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Influencer Marketing Services

Positioning your brand within the sphere of the best Global influencers


What is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is on the rise and there’s a good reason for it. Collaborating with social media influencers is the latest way of partnering your brand with key social media thought-leaders across a variety of niches to showcase your product or brand in the simplest, most effective way possible.

Influencers, or content creators as they’re also known, have a highly engaged following who trust their opinion and heavily rely on their honest reviews of products, brands or services, prior to making a purchase. An influencer’s content is executed in a trustworthy way and aligns with their audience demographic, in terms of their likes, dislikes, and opinions.

We don’t just focus on macro-influencers with millions of followers and likes – we carefully research hundreds of UK-based and beyond, micro, mid-tier and macro-tier influencers to best place your brand and product with the right influencer. This allows the brand to make a genuine connection with the identified target audience and provide a stronger ROI.


Why work with influencers?


Investing in influencer marketing and collaborating with influencers on engaging social media campaigns is a key marketing metric when it comes to delivering a long-term audience growth and customer retention strategy for your brand.

Over the last 12 months, influencer marketing, as a stand-alone service, has played an instrumental part in the further development of the brands within our portfolio via influencer and social marketing.

How Does It Work?


Influencer Research & Identification

The parameters for compiling an influencer marketing strategy, and securing the correct digital creators for the campaign, are reach, engagement, authenticity, performance and niche.

Every successful influencer marketing strategy and social media campaign begins by identifying the most impactful influencers to participate. We tailor our influencer selection process to each brand, ensuring the digital influencers participating align with the target brand’s aesthetic, tone of voice and values.



We use performance data throughout each step of pairing the right influencer with a brand; from influencer selection to identifying correct posting times and persuasive calls to action.

We have a firm stance on eliminating influencers who have a fake following through the use of bots. Every influencer is vetted to ensure their following and engagement is organic and reflects their following. We use a series of tools to appropriately track this. Any influencers found to be suspect or using bot activity will no longer be considered.


Scale the Campaign

If a particular campaign is working well, introducing a second tier of influencers is a great way of scaling the campaign and expanding the audience reach.

We've found collaborating on longer-term campaigns across a three or six-month timeframe leads to richer engagement, happier customers and provides us with marketing data that is more powerful and valuable for your business.

Influencer Partnerships



Micro-influencers are fairly new, up and coming influencers with a small, but highly-engaged audience. With up to 10k followers and a targeted and relevant following, the audience of micro-influencers like to discover new brands, hear about product launches and trust the opinion of smaller influencer accounts.


Top tier/Macro Influencers

With a well-established Instagram following and online presence, top-tier influencers are known for their brand partnerships and trusted opinions. Macro influencers also have a dedicated, large following that has grown organically over time and are on the course to becoming a power influencer. Macro influencers deliver high-quality content that could be used across a variety of branded marketing channels.

Macro influencers enjoy using Instagram Stories because they can be more candid and real than in feed posts and because they can disappear within the 24-hour timeslot. Stories are also helping to bring influencer marketing closer to the purchase decision, because they allow outbound links.


Celebrity Endorsements

Another strand of influencer marketing is partnering with celebrities to endorse your brand or product. Aligned with macro-influencers, celebrities are more well-known and featuring a household name within the campaign expands the reach and eliminates the problem of the campaign assets being impacted by social media algorithms.

When selecting celebrities to partner with, it’s worth noting that costs may be higher and a larger budget will be required. However, having a famous face, with a large organic reach that aligns with the target customer base participating, means the reporting metrics when evaluating the influencer marketing campaign success will be much greater.

Define Strategy


Influencer Partnership

Once it’s been identified that an influencer-led approach is required to communicate the brand messaging and we’ve recognised the type of influencers needed, identifying the appropriate platform for the content to be housed upon and the type of content required is the next step. This element of the strategy often derives from the type of content the influencers selected to participate already create, as we want the brand messaging to appear as natural and organically as possible, without eliminating their audience. Every influencer partnership will be solidified with a contract for the campaign, finalising everything involved in the partnership, deliverables for both parties, deadlines, any social media messaging and ensuring both sides are aware of how payment will work and how the campaign will run.


Campaign Measurement & Costs

Measuring the success of an influencer marketing campaign is paramount, in order to obtain the desired results and clarify the performance of the influencer content creation. We use a variety of metrics and tools to measure success including tracking the campaign reach, campaign engagement and revenue generated, based upon referral traffic.

The average budget share dedicated to influencer activity is around 10% of a brand’s total marketing spend. Investing in influencer marketing is steadily growing with more brands wanting to invest in real-time relationships rather than faceless marketing campaigns. It’s a key channel for many marketers and a fantastic way to reach real people, whilst still aligning with your brand values.

Case Study

Influencer Marketing Case Study, Celtic & Co Christmas Gifts Campaign


The Challenge

Celtic & Co wanted to raise consumer awareness and positive perception in addition to increasing consumer consideration for their seasonal Christmas gifting range of sheepskin knitwear and slippers. Hit Search decided to use an authentic influencer content campaign to accomplish this goal, collaborating with parenting and lifestyle influencers to drive sales and referral traffic to the ‘Celtic & Co' Christmas category pages and position the brand as providing the ultimate gift ideas for Christmas.


The Solution

Hit Search collaborated with relevant UK-based parenting and family influencers to generate content for the influencer’s own platforms, whilst also creating backlinks from the influencers’ websites to support the on-page SEO strategy and producing content assets that could be used on the client’s various platforms too.

Hit Search delivered an integrated campaign solution for the Celtic & Co Christmas campaign, collaborating with six key UK-based influencers. The influencers were asked to produce high-quality editorial content, promoting Celtic & Co and their seasonal knitwear and slippers, for the Christmas period.

The blog posts and social media posts were designed to highlight the Celtic & Co brand and product offering to readers/followers. The campaign aimed to generate a strong brand presence throughout the seasonal period, utilising the beautiful image assets created by the influencers to support the campaign’s visibility on Instagram, whilst also speaking to the target audience through trusted influencers.


The Results

Collectively, the influencers delivered against the agreed deliverables for social post engagement, reaching a combined audience of over 250k. The organic content reporting showed the campaign brought revenue to the site in the lead-up to Christmas, leading to considered purchases made by the target customer base, six strong backlinks were obtained and the site experienced qualified referral traffic from Instagram Stories UTM parameters supplied to each participating influencer with Instagram Swipe Up capabilities.

Proven experience with these brands


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“We are really happy with the results Hit Search have achieved SEO wise (thank you) and we will 100% work together again. We would happily recommend to other brands.”

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