Why use Paid Media?

It’s clear that, in order for it to work, you cannot base your digital marketing strategy on one singular tool. At Hit Search, we explore various channels to ensure that we are effectively promoting the products and services of all of our clients. Our team is aware of the positive impact that paid media, when done well, can have on your business. We combine a creative team with extensive knowledge to ensure that every penny of your paid media budget is spent with both traffic to your site and exposure to your business in mind. Make a change with our paid media services today.

  •  Paid Search: Increasing your conversion rate with paid marketing

What makes our Paid Search service different?

Our PPC team are all AdWords qualified and have years of experience building and optimising paid search campaigns on a variety of platforms for a wide range of industries. We can analyse your online audience in-depth and use the right paid search platform that will generate the best results for your business or industry.

Our Paid Search service structure

Our paid search team continuously strive to achieve the best possible results for your brand, regardless of your industry sector. After auditing your current campaigns and once our team have fully-understood your demographic and your business goals, our experts can craft a bespoke paid search campaign to help support your business goals and over-arching aspirations.

Our paid search service ensures your business is seen, and is used by your specific target audience. This means when we run a campaign, the paid ad is seen only by potential customers who are likely to click on the ad which therefore brings down your cost per acquisition.


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  •  Our Display Advertising Services

Our aim, through paid media, is to generate highly targeted website traffic for your business. One way of doing this is by expertly crafting head-turning display advertisements, that will deliver the right results. If your business goals include becoming more digitally visible and generating targeted traffic to your website, then our display advertising services are for you. Our team’s primary aim is to produce ads that are exciting, visually stimulating and engaging. We ensure that every ad contains only useful and relevant information, with words that resonate with and encourage your target audience. This is a sure-fire way of ensuring that the right people are interacting with your brand.

What tools do we use to do this?

We use Google AdWords for our research, creation and implementation of our displays ads. But, when it comes to the design, our most valued tool is our in-house design team who take the concise ad copy and turn it into an eye-catching piece of digital artwork. Even though the majority of the campaign work including research, bidding, analysis, monitoring and tweaking comes from our paid media team, we work very closely with design to bring our worded creation to life.



Why do our display advertising campaigns succeed for our clients?

In short, you have around four seconds to really grab someone’s attention with a digital ad. Once you have that attention, the opportunities for traffic and conversion are endless, however, it’s the goal of catching a potential customer’s eye in the first place, that’s important. Our team of display ad creators know that simplicity is key and with this in mind, combine creative thinking with an in-depth knowledge of our client’s goals to create something that’s going to stand out.

Our experts are armed with the extensive display campaign knowledge needed to ensure no budget is wasted and your brand exposure is maximised.

Digital display ads are an important part of your paid media strategy, whether that’s paid media in the fashion industry or something totally niche. Get in touch with Hit Search today to find out more.