Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Paid social isn’t solely about encouraging people to interact with and follow your brand’s social accounts. Our targeted approach is perfect for generating interest around your brand, of course, but paid social can also help assist online conversions from a targeted and perfected social audience.

The paid media team works closely with our social and content marketing teams to ensure your paid social media strategy aligns nicely with all other planned social and content activity. We’re all about making the process as stress-free and straightforward for your brand.

What tools do we use?

Aside from competitor analysis via AdWords add-ons, we primarily use each individual social platform to figure out where your audience are, what kind of content appeals to them, and what makes them more likely to interact with and remember your brand. Over the past few years users have become more digitally savvy, so that’s why our sponsored content, promoted account and remarketing social campaigns need to be cutting-edge and relatable to your specific audience.

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