Other benefits of YouTube ads?

  • You can specifically target your audience by location, age, gender and even by interests
  • Your business can run two ads at once to test the difference in angle to see which performs better
  • Updating your YouTube channel with ads can help maximise your SERPs coverage for your favoured keywords!

Our approach to YouTube advertising

Our pad media team here at Hit Search can take the heavy YouTube burden off your shoulders with our YouTube advertising services. We are experts at developing strategic campaigns to help increase your exposure through your YouTube channel. Whether you’re already operating across the video platform, or whether you’re a complete beginner, we can walk you through the positive impact YouTube can have on your business.

Whether you’re struggling to connect your YouTube channel with your other digital marketing channels, or whether you’d like help increasing your overall presence online, we view YouTube as an essential element to the digital marketing mix.

We can optimise your YouTube adverts to reflect the results of our keyword research. By optimising your video ad title and other important aspects, will give Google the ability to read the context of the video and therefore ranking it accordingly for your specific keywords.

Dental Law’s website traffic increased year on year by 230%close-quotes.png


More reasons to work with us

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Sweaty Betty Case Study

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