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Search Marketing Agency

Integrated Search Marketing Agency Approach


Search marketing has become an essential channel most businesses, Most brands with an online presence have invested in paid and/or organic at some point in time. These two services were traditionally treated in isolation but this approach is outdated and isn't compatible with the way that modern customers interact with digital channels.

Customers rarely convert on the first visit. A successful sale or lead often comes as a result of multiple website visits via different means. When analysing our customers' data, we regularly see conversions as a result of organic visits, paid search clicks and remarketing ads. Often, this means visits from Google, Bing and Facebook from a single user in the run up to a sale.


Our Approach


As a result, our integrated approach to search marketing typically involves a co-ordinated strategy that includes three elements:

1. Organic Search: With SEO activity

2. Paid Search: With ads in SERPs

3. Retargeting Ads: Remarketing campaigns to complement search behaviour and website videos via Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other publishing networks

This considered approach helps our clients stand out when Google SERPs are crowded and competition is high. It's a feat that many marketers don't have the time, patience or know-how to undertake. So that's where we come in! As your search marketing agency, we'll develop a co-ordinated strategy to maximise conversions and improve return on investment.


SEO Agency Services

We all know it’s about more than just writing content and keyword optimising these days – so let’s cut to the chase. After completing our ‘due diligence’ auditing to ensure your site is in ship-shape for search, we quickly turn our attention to more advanced strategies for boosting organic visibility and performance. Whatever it is that’s limiting your site’s organic performance, our team will get to the bottom of it. Our holistic approach to technical, on-page and off-page factors – all wrapped neatly into one search solution – is what gives us our proven track record of achieving impressive organic results for our clients - whether as part of an insurance digital marketing campaign or activity for a retail brand. See for yourself.

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PPC Agency Services

As an experienced full service digital marketing agency, we are true believers that, when it comes to paid search, the work is never done. With something as dynamic and variable as paid – whether it’s Google shopping, text ads, or even display network campaigns – there are always optimisations to be made. It’s this continual ‘test and tweak’ approach that allows our PPC experts to squeeze the most out of your budget and deliver flexible, consistent, and high ROI campaigns.

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Remarketing Agency Services

Our team conduct remarketing campaigns across Google, Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. Our approach is designed to identify audience segments that are most likely to convert, whether it’s a legal digital marketing campaign or a fashion digital marketing project.

We utilise tactics such as search ads, display ads and video ads to reach the right audiences who have already shown buying intent. When they are driven back to the website, we use our CRO strategy to help maximise the conversions that get over the line.

Our team experiment with different types of creative to ensure that the messaging, imagery and video is what resonates best with your audience and will deliver the best possible results. Our machine learning and smart targeting tools help ensure we hit the right people at the right time with the right message to drive more conversions.

We also measure every conversion to remove converted customers from the live campaigns to ensure budget isn’t wasted by remarketing to them again with the same activity.

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