Our approach to SEO

At Hit Search, we are proud to have always taken a best practice approach to SEO, which means no shortcuts or black-hat SEO tactics from us! We’re proud of our ethical online marketing values and we feel the changes we make to your site will generate a better search experience for your users, which becomes a great opportunity to generate the best traffic for our clients, ultimately leading to a higher conversion rate.

We’re proud to say that not one of our clients have suffered any Google penalties since being a client at Hit Search and, in order to combat less scrupulous methods of optimisation, we have even launched our very own Google Rescue package for those affected. Everything we practice is up-to-date with the very latest SEO guidelines from all major search engines.


Not one of our SEO packages are generic, they’re all tailored for each client. The client budget and overall objectives and goals are taken into account before each campaign is built and implemented. Aligning your objectives with our strategy is a top priority for our SEO team. After all, it’s your business and your budget, you want to get the most for your money.

When tailoring our unique products and services to the needs of each client, a big focus of ours is producing high-quality content, both on-site and off-site through key online PR opportunities. For more about content marketing click here.

How will our SEO services help your business?

  • We’ll help you increase your organic visibility
  • We can engage your target market with your brand
  • We can supply your business with in-depth tracked campaign results
  • You’ll have our SEO expertise and knowledge at your fingertips!

We increased Sweaty Betty's SEO revenue within the first year by 42%close-quotes.png



More reasons to work with us

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Sweaty Betty Case Study

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