We’ll take the stress of a site migration off your shoulders

When it comes to making your life that little bit easier, we’re experts. We can ensure your site migration goes as smoothly as possible, making sure you don’t see a considerable drop in organic traffic. Whether you’re having a site redesign or migrating to an entirely new content management system (CMS), we’ll make sure that all your URL redirects are in place, your sitemap is rebuilt, and we’ll also take care of your canonical tags and any site architectural changes and site folder structure changes.

Our site migration service can be split into three different sections; a full site migration, a partial site migration and https switch-over. So, whether you’re moving from a BlogSpot domain, or shifting from a .co.uk to a .com domain, we’re on hand to hand!

Our https switch-over, although initially for e-commerce websites for a secure payment process, is now a recommendation Google makes for every site. Https, or hypertext transfer protocol, ensures all communications between your browser and website are encrypted. So, whether you have a client log-in feature section on your website, or perhaps you just have a lead generation site, employing a https website switch-over can help instil trust and reinforce the security of your website for all your users. Trust can be a comforter to many consumers, so it’s something well worth exploring! Get in touch for more details.

What tools do we use?

Alongside the basic tools of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, our SEO team use comprehensive backlink checker platforms including Ahrefs, Majestic and Kerboo to gather a profile of all you site links. Using Majestic, Ahrefs and Kerboo combined, allows us to work to transfer the link strength from your old URLs to the new ones.

Two other essential tools when it comes to site migration include Screaming Frog; a crawl tool essential to identify URLs that need redirecting, and Google Search Console. The Search Console is where essential Google Submission tools are found; we can also monitor the health of your updates site through this, too.

Our primary objective is to ensure not one of your users receives an error page, regardless of their journey into your site. Not everyone lands on your homepage – and we need to make sure we can account for that!

More reasons to work with us

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