Full Site Migration

We can support and oversee an entire Site Migration. If you’re moving from a BlogSpot domain or a .com domain to a .co.uk domain, we’re on hand to help, wherever your business is moving to, we can support you. We can alleviate the stress and confusion throughout this carefully and closely managed project, ensuring the end product is a product to be proud of.

Partial Site Migration

For a partial Site Migration, you might just require an architectural structure change. This includes changing all site folders. Making sure you’re more than happy with the process with monthly touch points and quarterly progress reports from your dedicated Account Manager is of high-importance to us at Hit Search. We need to ensure that you understand as much as possible about your Migration, so you can ask any questions before, after and of course during the process. (View our team here) [LINK].

Https Switch-Over

Although, initially for e-commerce website for a secure payment process. Google now recommends all sites are https sites (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). A https site ensures all communications between your browser and your website are encrypted. So, whether you have a client log-in feature section on your website or whether you just have a lead generation website, employing a https website switch-over, can help instil trust and reinforce the security of your website for all your users. Trust can be a comforter to many consumers and can be a contributing factor to increased website conversion rate.

Within the first year,Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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