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Shopify Developers


Ensure your ecommerce site gives you maximum ROI


Shopify is a powerful digital platform on which to build a successful ecommerce business, as millions of retailers have already discovered. However, in order to help your business succeed in a crowded marketplace, it’s essential to appoint the right partner when it comes to developing your website, so that it not only looks great and is easy for shoppers to use, but is also set up in a way that helps your business to reach its full potential.

At Hitsearch, we’ve worked with many ecommerce brands to help them get the most from their Shopify website, in everything from the planning and development stages right through to sales and growth performance on an ongoing basis. We’ve developed a range of Shopify-specific services that can help ensure your ecommerce site gives you maximum return on your investment.


Shopify Website Builders


We can assist with all aspects of Shopify web design and Shopify ecommerce site development. This includes every stage of the process; from project discovery and planning, design and development, right through to user testing, going live and any ongoing needs after that.

Our approach is focused on maximising the ROI for our Shopify clients, and the skills and experience our team of experts can provide you with an advantage at every step, because of our familiarity with this platform and our knowledge of what works best across different types of business and industries.


We always ensure that we develop every Shopify site we work on with factors that assist with SEO, CRO, paid search and have other marketing compatibilities built in and considered from the outset, to help make your online journey as a business as smooth as possible.

Shopify Development Approach


As with any major change with your business, research and planning are vital, to make sure that your new Shopify site does exactly what you need it to for your business to achieve your objectives. Our initial research involves answering questions such as:

  1. What are customers searching for?
  2. How are they searching?
  3. What devices are they using?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. What functionality or features do their websites have that you would like for yours?
  6. What other retail websites do you like and what is applicable for your new site?

We then carry out a detailed discovery process, which can vary from client to client, depending on specific requirements, but will usually include:



  1. Developing data-led customer personas
  2. Mapping out buyer journeys
  3. Developing a user experience to help you stand out from competitors
  4. Identifying the integrations that you require e.g. EPOS software, ERP software, CRM software
  5. Agreeing on a specification for the website build. We usually aim for a viable product that can get to market early and start collecting data that can be used to gain actionable insights to improve the site further
  6. Identifying enhancements for future expansion and ways to improve the UX and increase conversions

We also plan a Shopify marketing strategy well in advance of the site going live. This needs to be in place before launch because people won’t be able to find your website without it and because having followed things like Shopify SEO best practice from the very start will help to ensure your new site starts getting results quicker.

Shopify Web Development Process


The timeline for the development process will depend on the complexity of the project and any third party integrations that are required, but typically takes somewhere between two and four months. At Hitsearch, we ensure that our Shopify development clients receive:

  1. Weekly progress sessions and updates for key milestones
  2. A test site to enable clients to view progress

Working in agile sprints, we are able to identify any changes and adjustments needed throughout the project, enabling timescales and budgets to be adjusted if needed.

For brand new sites in development (i.e. not a migration of an existing website) then we will set up holding pages and start establishing a brand presence (e.g. on social media) before the main site launch. This means that review sites and local or sector-specific directories can be set up before the full site is live.



We have a thorough approach to quality assurance, with robust testing processed for integrations and a user testing model that provides valuable feedback on all aspects of the site being built at various stages.

All elements are fully tested before launch, along with an SEO audit, to make sure the necessary best practice elements are fully set up and ready. We also implement and test remarketing pixels, tags and tracking, to ensure that things are fully operational and you don’t miss any data or opportunities once the site goes live.

Shopify Marketing


It is often the case that marketing isn’t really considered until the site has already launched, but we believe that this approach means businesses can miss out on sales and revenue while the marketing strategy catches up. This is why we plan ahead and set up as much as possible before the live date to help things go as smoothly as possible. We can start collecting data straight away and make any necessary changes to the strategy as we go, optimising for the best possible return.


Our Shopify-specific marketing services include:

  1. Shopify SEO
  2. Shopify PPC
  3. Shopify Remarketing
  4. Shopify Google Shopping campaigns
  5. Shopify CRO
  6. Shopify Analytics (combining Shopify native analytics data with a raft of other tools for deeper actionable insights)

Our experience means that we have a range of Shopify tips and tricks that we've tried and tested over previous projects, bringing the benefit of that to every new site we develop and market.


Why choose Hitsearch as your Shopify agency?


At Hitsearch, we’re a design, development and digital marketing agency with a proven track record of working successfully as a Shopify partner to ecommerce websites to generate online traffic, sales and revenue. We offer:

  1. 15 years of ecommerce expertise
  2. Our team of Shopify marketing and development experts
  3. Accreditations with Google, Bing and Shopify
  4. Case studies that show you some of our great work with our clients
  5. We offer a free 15-minute consultation with one of our Shopify experts – just call us on 0800 011 9715 to find out more

We offer a free 15-minute consultation with one of our Shopify experts

Contact our team today to talk about how we can help your business demand more from digital marketing.

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