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Shopify Partners


Getting the most from Shopify


Shopify is the world’s fastest growing online store builder, with many features and benefits for retailers of all sizes. It offers a great out-of-the-box solution for setting up an online store for minimal investment and comes with access to additional plugins which can add functionality to the core product for those that need it, making it a really flexible option for ecommerce businesses. However, getting the most from this platform does require a specialist approach to marketing, which makes use of multiple disciplines and channels. We've developed a range of services designed specifically for this platform and our tried and tested Shopify tips and tricks means that every new project benefits from our previous experience.

At Hitsearch, we’ve been partnering with retailers that use Shopify websites for many years, meaning that we can offer expert support to brands and businesses using this platform to get the best possible short, medium and long-term return on their marketing spend.

We have developed a number of Shopify-specific services to help our client with all stages of the ecommerce journey, including tailored approaches to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), to help our clients achieve and exceed their business goals.

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Shopify Ecommerce Development

We can assist with all aspects of Shopify website design and Shopify ecommerce development, offering end to end solutions for our clients. We can handle all aspects of the project, from initial research and discovery phases, through design and development, testing and going live with the Shopify site.

Our approach as Shopify developers is always focused on maximising ROI for our clients, and we utilise our agency expertise across the full marketing mix to build websites that are set up for success with Shopify SEO, CRO and PPC from the outset. This can help ecommerce businesses to have a market advantage from the very start of trading, or the launch day of their new web presence.


Shopify SEO

Organic search provides marketers with the best return on investment over time. Achieving high organic rankings in search engine results is a long term strategy, in what can be a very competitive marketplace.

Our 15 years of experience as an agency in being a successful retail SEO partner to many different clients has given us the expertise to know how to best to approach organic search marketing for every individual ecommerce business. The Shopify platform does present very specific challenges to successful optimisation, and our experience working on numerous Shopify projects has helped us to develop approaches for SEO that are designed to work with Shopify clients.


Shopify Paid Search Advertising

Ensuring that you get your paid search activity right is a key component to ecommerce success. Our paid media team are experienced in working with Shopify websites and finding the right paid search approach for each individual client.

Paid search is an immediate way of reaching shoppers with buying intent and incorporates both Google and Bing activity to reach as large a number of relevant potential customers as possible for your budget.

Hitsearch are a Google Partner, which we have earned through years of managing effective campaigns for our clients across a wide range of retail types to generate sales and revenue through all of the paid search channels. Our team of Google qualified marketers are experts at working with Shopify sites to get the best possible results.


Shopify Remarketing

Website visitors rarely convert during their first time on a website or their first interaction with a retailer. Ecommerce sales often occur after multiple visits, which might have arrived through several different sources and on different devices.

Remarketing offers the opportunity to reconnect with these visitors and entice them back to the site to make a purchase. Retargeting ads can focus on the visitors who showed most intent when they were on your website, such as basket abandoners or those who looked at product pages for a specified amount of time. Utilising remarketing opportunities on Google, Bing, Facebook and other platforms gives a retailer a good chance of prompting more sales in a cost effective way.

Our remarketing activity is designed to complement the wider paid search and SEO strategies to help our clients get the maximum return possible from their marketing budget.


Shopify CRO

The beauty of Shopify CRO is that small changes to a website and even a modest uptick in conversion rate can make a huge difference to a business. We are CRO experts, having helped ecommerce organisations to increase sales for 15 years.

We have developed processes for CRO on Shopify sites that enable us to use advanced data analysis to devise effective tests (A/B and multivariate) that improve the user flow on your website. From real user eye tracking tests to user journey mapping, our CRO activity can make a substantial difference to your bottom line. Take a look at our CRO case studies to see more.

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Shopify Analytics

Shopify already generates some great data to help retailers understand their website’s performance, and we utilise this information to help shape strategy going forwards. We also use data from other sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Hotjar, to provide even more actionable insights to move things forward.

Our analysts turn this data into a roadmap of Shopify website enhancements to increase sales, drive up average order values and improve the user flow throughout the whole site.


Why choose Hitsearch as your Shopify agency?


Hitsearch is a digital marketing agency with 15 years of retail marketing experience and many successful Shopify campaigns under our belt. Our team of Shopify experts understand what it takes to get results with this platform and how to overcome the challenges that it can sometimes bring, to help our clients achieve their business goals. We can also help with everything from design and development right through to full service Shopify marketing strategies as experienced agency partner to many ecommerce brands.

Take a look at our case studies to see some of the ways in which we have helped retailers transform their digital presence and drive up revenue.


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