There are many positive facets to the LinkedIn network and this is a profile every business should have. Taking advantage of LinkedIn Pulse is probably one element of LinkedIn your brand is already familiar with. But why post content on LinkedIn? Well, for starters, all your followers receive a notification about your post, and, as with a variety of platforms, those followers are following your business because it’s relevant and what you have to say could be of interest to them! You can notify your audience of new products or services, you can analyse data from your LinkedIn profile and it’s a great way to check out what your competitors are up to.

If your Business LinkedIn profile isn’t managed correctly, your brand can easily fall into a lull of very little posting. So, if you feel like you’re completely overwhelmed with LinkedIn, or perhaps don’t feel you’re taking advantage of this professional network, check out our brief service overview below.

How can Hit Search help?

We can offer the following, and more:

  • We can create your business LinkedIn page
  • Offer your business strategic advice
  • Post on your business’ behalf
  • Create and interact with industry-relevant LinkedIn Groups
  • Build your Business LinkedIn following
  • Create interesting and shareable content for your LinkedIn business page

Within the first year Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


More reasons to work with us

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