Here at Hit Search we have a team of researchers and content writers who aim to provide you with the very latest thought pieces on a whole range of topics, across a wide range of industries. For all our sector-related webinars and videos, please visit our Hit Search TV & Radio page!

We like to share our combined Digital Marketing experience so you can benefit and deliver cutting edge Digital Marketing strategies to your target audience segments.

Whitepapers, eBooks & Guides

Our team has gathered this knowledge and presented it in a variety of ways including infographics right through to eBooks and market surveys. Please see below a selection of our most popular ones…


The complete guide to website migration

Find out how to mitigate the risks involved when migrating your website

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

In this infographic we look at the differences between Digital and Traditional PR.

Top CRO data sources & actionable insights for Insurance Firms

Find out how CRO can be a game-changer for insurance firms

Find out how to make the most of using bloggers and influencers as part of your wider marketing strategy

Including how you can measure ROI and how to choose the right people to work with.

Scalable SEO, Content, Influencer & Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Retail Growth

In this eBook, we show you how to align and scale up your retail marketing activity, from persona development to using influencers to drive sales.

Google Algorithm Updates: A Visual Guide To 9 Years of Changes!

In this interactive graphic, view Google’s major algorithm updates of the last decade and see what’s likely to change next.

Learn how to attract more visitors to your firm's site with this guide!

In this eBook, we share a four-step process your firm can follow in order to generate both a higher volume and a higher quality of visitor to your site!

Learn how to increase your conversion rate with this eBook!

In this eBook, we share six tactics your firm can implement in order to increase its conversion rate DRAMATICALLY. 


We share 30 of the greatest tips, tricks & ideas to help increase your website conversions

From landing page tips and calls-to-action tips to leveraging newsjacking - we've packed in some of the best ideas for your brand to trial to increase those sales leads!

The ultimate guide to increasing inbound case enquiries

We've created this guide for your firm, to help you generate your own case enquiries. From understanding your audience and attracting visitors and converting them, all the way through to analysing your campaign.

[eBook] How to understand your potential legal clients!

Understanding your audience and their challenges and goals will help you create a foundation on which all your digital marketing tactics will be built upon. Without this knowledge, your campaigns drift along without a focus.

[Templates] Measure your firm's conversion rates effectively

Which channels have your new clients come from? How many visitors are you converting into leads? These templates will help you measure your campaign's successful channels and help you pinpoint the not-so-successful, too!

Generate more leads for your firm with marketing automation

Nurturing your audience correctly with marketing automation will ensure your firm generates high-quality case leads.

Get your law firm noticed with organic search!

We discuss everything from, which Google algorithms your firm should take notice of, to what you should do if you suffer a penalty and more!

Pull in your target audience with content marketing

We share our top content idea generation tools, give you 5 killer creative content ideas and discuss exactly why your firm should employ content marketing tactics.

A step-by-step guide to building your legal buyer personas

Find out exactly what a buyer persona is, if they're right for your firm and how to build your personas for your firm by downloading this helpful step-by-step eBook!

Law firms, check out these editable buyer persona templates 

Building comprehensive, realistic buyer personas for your firm, with ensure your marketing gets infront of your target audience. Build them from scratch with our templates!

Law firms: Learn how to target your audience with paid advertising

In this eBook, we discuss how your firm can specifically target its audience through paid advertising, to ultimately increase the relevancy of the leads your firm is generating and hopefully securing new clients!

Specifically target your audience through these channels to obtain highly relevant site visitors

Targeting your audience through the use of buyer personas, can help your firm plan and achieve a much more focused digital marketing strategy. This will ultimately increase the relevancy of the visitors coming to your firm's site.

Get your law firm noticed using social media

Which social media channels should your law firm be on? How can you find your audience without spending a penny? These questions and more are answered inside this short eBook!

Fashion brands: How to connect with the mobile customer

With smartphones having now overtaken laptops as the most popular device for getting online, it's important you're confidently able to deliver a fantastic experience for the mobile customer, whilst seamlessly integrating your strategy cross-channel and cross-device!

Attribution Modelling

We’re putting together a series of publications which aim to dispel search marketing myths and get to the bottom of modern Digital Marketing. There are multiple optimisation methods that can have a positive effect on your rankings; an important part of the process is attribution modelling.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): How to increase a fashion clothing site's Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimisation is less costly than paid advertising but helps maximise ROI from your website and could give you a competitive edge in your market.

Fashion Brands: 5 Key Questions For Your Digital Marketing Agency

If your business is looking to change its Search Engine Optimisation provider (SEO) in the coming months; HitSearch have provided a a list of five questions you need to ask before you put pen to paper and sign the deal.

Improve your legal firm's site conversion rate with these tips

To create a great user experience and increase your legal firm's conversion you need a solid conversion rate optimisation strategy, and with this eBook you'll learn exactly how you can build one. 

A guide to omni-channel marketing for fashion retailers

In order for your brand to achieve the ultimate omni-channel digital marketing strategy, you must have a multi-channel framework for your business foundations to sit.

This booklet gives you a practical guide to the first steps your brand needs to take in order to become fully omni-channel...

Retail Brands: 5 Key Questions For Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you're a retail brand and are in the process of researching a new agency relationship, then this helpful infographic is for you. We've compiled the top 5 questions you should ask the agencies before you make a choice!

How Do Fashion Brands Increase Their Revenue At Christmas?

As a fashion brand, understanding the correct approach to the festive retail period is key. This booklet explores the avenues that some of the UK's leading fashion brands are taking this Christmas to maximise revenues from a their niche audiences.


Could your law firm benefit from 9 content marketing tips?

Within the legal sector it can be very difficult to obtain high-quality leads at a low cost. Employing content marketing tactics can help enormously, and can become a large contributor within your digital marketing strategy. View this download to learn more!

Which Luxury brands are best dressed when it comes to Conversion Rate?

Online visibility is no longer the sole factor when it comes to customers making a purchase – Conversion Rate Optimisation is now one of the major keys to success in the online retail world and the Luxury Brand market is leading the way.


At Hit Search, we’re experts in producing clear, attention-grabbing infographics for the fashion sector, providing ideal promotional material for blogger outreach and social media.

Law firms: How to convert web visits into enquiries

Follow our simple 5-step process to help support your generation of new case enquiries.

Travel Sector: 5 Mobile SEO Tips to Increase your website bookings!

We've condensed our vast travel sector SEO experience into 5 simple Mobile SEO tips to help you grow bookings all year round.

Law firms: How to find your audience on social media

Here we give your firm 5 tips so you can start finding your audience on social media without spending a penny!

Law firms: When, what & how often should you post on social media?

Here we give your firm the best times and days to post across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook platforms. We also share the kind of content that works best on each!

5 killer creative content ideas for law firms

If your firm is struggling to generate new content ideas, this infographic can help inject some creativity into your strategy!

Help your firm rank better: 5 tips from our SEO experts

Our SEO experts give you 5 tips to help make sure your firm is ranking the best it possibly can be!

How can marketing automation help your firm grow?

In this infographic, we introduce you to 3 email marketing automation nurturing workflows your firm can implement right now in order to increase lead generation.


This infographic was created for Blossom Mother and Child to represent their maternity denim collection. This was used for promotional purposes on site and for blogger outreach. This could be easily shared via social media and would serve as a visual aid that was rich in content both written and visual.

Fall investment take

To celebrate the collection of leather jackets in the BySymphony range, an infographic that matched the overall aesthetic of the BySymphony site was created. This was used for blogger outreach and for the in house team to distribute across their own channels.

Heidi Klein

As part of a monthly series of infographics for the heidi klein range, this was created for their own on-site blog and used for blogger outreach. In addition this was used on social media as a way to present the entire range quickly and effectively.


This was created for MoYou-London as a way to promote their comic style stamping nail art collection. It was used for blogger outreach and could be easily shared across social.


This infographic detailing the differences between scooters and mopeds was created for motorcycle brand Kymco. This would be easily shareable and spark discussions with motorcycle enthusiasts whilst promoting the brand in the process.

Brain injury infographic for Moore Blatch Resolve

This infographic was created as part of an awareness campaign for Moore Blatch highlight the symptoms of brain injury. The infographic was then shared across social channels by a variety of different brain injury charities, garnering exposure for the brand in the process.

Film quiz infographic for Behind The Smile

This infographic quiz was created to promote Behind The Smile, a cosmetic dental advice website. The infographic would promote the brand without being too overbearing, offering an easily shareable image that any fans of movies would be likely to engage with.

Attribution Modelling for the Fashion Industry Infographic

Attribution modelling in the fashion industry takes into account a myriad of different touchpoints. Rather than explain each one via a blog, this infographic was created to convey each part of the process in an easy to read and easy to share format.

Why Law Firms Should Invest in Content Marketing

Looking for some statistical evidence to support the need for investment into Content Marketing for your law firm? Take a look at this infographic!

Ecommerce mobile marketing trends

Is your fashion brand aware of the following mobile marketing trends? Make sure you’re clued up and ready to connect with the mobile customer! P.S. We've got a webinar that goes into more detail where trends are concerned! Check it out here.

A brief mobile analysis of

This infographic highlights elements of the mobile site that are user-friendly and also suggests some changes the retailer could implement to ensure they continue to please the mobile customer, whilst optimising for conversions. P.S. We've got a webinar that analyses the mobile experience! Check it out here.

PPC vs SEO: Which strategy is best for your law firm

Is your law firm looking to generate new leads and increase ROI from your marketing tactics? But not sure which strategy to use? Then download our legal sector infographic looking at how powerful PPC and SEO can be and which one you should be using!