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Neuromarketing & Biometrics to improve website UX and conversion rates


Web Neuro-marketing

What happens when you apply the workings of the human psyche to your digital marketing activity?


That’s what.


Neuromarketing is the practice of forming a research-based strategy around the principles of psychology.

Companies across the UK are using psychology more and more to better understand why people make certain purchasing decisions online. They are then basing the design of a website or the wording of an email marketing strategy upon these findings, to ensure it has the optimal effect.

It’s no secret that digital marketers have had the ability to measure the performance of campaigns for quite some time (leads, social shares, subscriptions etc), but times are changing and thanks to our neuromarketing expertise, we are leading the way.

The 6 different forms of Neuromarketing


1. Eye Tracking

Tracking the eye’s movement patterns, along with blink rate and pupil dilation levels. Using research participants for this particular practice allows us to see a client’s brand through the eyes of their customers.

2. Sensory Marketing

This slightly simpler form of neuromarketing taps into the senses (touch, smell, sight, sound) to help sell a service or product, providing an experience, rather than a simple sales technique.

3. Facial Coding

Sensors are attached to the face to measure tiny movements of muscles. This captures subtle reactions that can often be found in the subconscious.



This involves reading a person’s brain activity to determine how they really feel about a specific product.

5. Psychological Techniques

Using small, simple methods to communicate to the subconscious, in order to encourage a customer to make a purchase.

6. Galvanic Skin Response

Galvanic Skin Response, otherwise known as GSR, is a method of measuring the skin such as increased sweat caused by emotions. Its measures the electrical conductance of the skin and allows us to see exactly where is going wrong with a website.

Push your website's Conversion Rate to its zenith by analysing Advanced Biometric Data and combing Neuroscience & UX Best Practices









Purchase Decision





The Expertise of Hitsearch


When it comes to the pros and cons of Neuromarketing, there’s no denying that one clearly outweighs the other. Although it requires some financial investment into resource, the insights it provides make it nothing less than a no-brainer (if you’ll excuse the pun). Whilst most digital agencies have the ability to give you fairly accurate figures of web traffic and engagement, it’s simply no longer enough.

Why do we use Biometric Technology?


Using biometry (the application of analysis to biological data) in digital marketing to get under the skin of your target market and see what is stopping them from making purchases or completing conversions online, is quickly becoming an area that many companies and organisations, in both b2b and b2c arenas, are finding pivotal to their success.

Biometrics market research helps us to understand emotional and cognitive responses to certain stimuli. Analysing a person’s activity on the web, in order to improve conversions, is now second nature to us. The truth is, biometrics technology is constantly evolving, and we are evolving with it.

In a world where the human attention span towards both online and offline advertisements is shrinking, creative design and a catchy strapline is no longer enough. It’s vital we look beneath the surface, to ensure we know how to create a campaign that is truly going to work. By doing this, we can guarantee that every single minute spent, is a valuable use of our client’s time.

But how can it help your Business?


You might be thinking that the use of neuromarketing is exclusively for large corporations with a vast array of products and services, but the truth is, whilst these clients do certainly benefit from an insight of the workings of the human brain, smaller businesses appealing to a specific clientele also see a significant ROI improvement from tapping into the subconscious of their target audience. So, no matter if your business sells two or 200 products, or employs five or 500 people, we will apply our biometric expertise to truly understand your customers and, consequently, elevate your conversion rate.

Biometric Technology & Our Current Services

With your customer in mind from the get-go, conversion rate optimisation has always been our speciality. As biometric CRO develops, so do we. We are now experts in the field of biometric technology and neuroscience and are proud to be able to call ourselves an advanced CRO agency. Hitsearch already gain a valuable insight into the behaviour of your audiences with the existing CRO and UX tools at our disposal but can now go the extra mile for the second to results that your business deserves.


Conducting a Biometric Test

Using our specially designed lab, we recruit and test people who closely match your target personas; we monitor and analyse everything from heart rate and brain activity to perspiration levels and pupil dilation. The information gained from the biometric testing means that our experts can make key data-led recommendations on how you can significantly increase the conversion rate of your website, whilst it concurrently better meets the needs of your audience. As an advanced CRO agency, our team is one that is constantly evolving; using both innovative technology and proven tools to improve your customers’ journey through your website; and, most importantly, to help maximise your conversion rate. Our team also looks into ever-changing customer behaviour trends to ensure our strategies are future-proof.

Eye Tracking and EEG


EEG & Eye Tracking- The Perfect Combination

For years, scientists have been using an EEG headset to track a person’s neuro activity in response to various things. With developments in psychology and our understanding of the part that brain activity plays in people’s emotions, the portable EEG headset can now also be used for marketing purposes. The EEG sensor headset works by tracking the following 5 brainwaves; Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each brainwave has its own purpose in the way we think, behave and move. By using the EEG headset, we can assess the behaviour of these brainwaves as a consumer navigates around your website.


The Benefits of Eye Tracking

The practice of eye-tracking is a unique method that is ultimately used to measure attention span and responses to different marketing methods. The value of studying a person’s eye behaviour and movements during a browsing session of your website should not be underestimated. At Hitsearch, we believe eye tracking psychology can not only reveal areas of your website that promote a positive emotional response and encourage conversions but also anything that is potentially blocking the customer from booking an appointment or completing that sale. The information that Hitsearch obtains from an eye-tracking heat map video, is invaluable to the success of your business.

Combining the Power of Eye-tracking with the EEG headset

The most effective way of capturing advanced metrics that will give us a true insight into your customer’s behaviour, is by pairing eye tracking psychology with the power of the EEG headset – the perfect combination. Eye tracking techniques capture metrics such as visual attention, arousal, gaze points and fixations, whilst the best EEG headset will also highlight engagement, distraction and drowsiness. Combining the two, not only eradicates any limitations of eye-tracking alone but reveals exceptionally detailed, powerful information that could unlock your entire conversion process.

Why discover less, when you can discover more?



The Psychology Behind it all

It’s all well and good using cutting edge technology to assess user behaviour, but it is also important to understand why users have had a specific response. Hitsearch believes that understanding the psychology of consumer behaviour is key to digital success. By analysing, in depth, the results of a biometric test, we can begin to understand the level of potential for your customers to convert on your website. The ability to perform this in-depth analysis is what sets us apart from the rest.

Why do we analyse psychological theories?

By studying different psychological effects and applying them to our already vast collection of digital marketing knowledge, we can ensure that we, as an agency, are doing everything we can to ensure that your conversion rate increases. Digital marketing is all about people. People can’t only be viewed as potential leads or segments of marketing, they are much more complex than that. The more we understand potential customers, the better we can serve their needs and ensure that their online experience provides what they want, when they want it, in order to convert.

Our Psychological Expertise


We apply our understanding and knowledge of the following psychological practices to produce successful digital marketing strategies:

The Decoy Effect

The decoy effect is all about the powerful influence of choice. If your customers are already converting, how can you nudge them towards spending more? Pricing strategy is something that needs to be carefully thought out - prices that are too high will scare customers off and too low can affect your profits. What is you could get your customers to spend more, without actually changing the prices of your products? Cue, the decoy effect. This strategy encourages consumers to change their minds from one option, to a more profitable or expensive other. Instead of presenting your customers with two options (one cheaper, one more expensive) throw a third option (known as the decoy) into the mix. This third option will be priced carefully to make one of the other options seem much more attractive. It is not the intention to sell the decoy, but rather nudge consumers to choose the originally more expensive option, perceiving it as a better valued product.

Von Restorff Effect

The Von Restorff Effect is used to engage a target audience by taking advantage of our tendency to remember things that are unusual or stand out. In an age where we have multiple communication platforms to convey digital marketing messages, an advert that stands out from the rest will be remembered, whilst others alongside it are forgotten. There are many ways to use the Von Restorff Effect with some practices (e.g. using bright, contrasting colours) being more obvious than others. A clever way of using the Von Restorff effect is altering the CTAs on your website as your target audience moves through their customer journey. This could be as simple as changing its colour or delaying it until after the customer has taken in the page content – grabbing their attention at the crucial last second. The Von Restorff Effect should be considered in all marketing activity.


Duel Process Theory

We know by now that increasing your conversions requires a studied understanding of human behaviour. Understanding how a user’s decisions are made will then help us apply psychological tactics to the design of your website, which ensures it has optimal appeal to potential customers. Dual process theory looks into the two ways in which our brain operates and the two different thought processes we go through when making a decision (these are usually known as system 1 and system 2).

System 1 - represents thoughts and processes that are fast, automatic, frequent, subconscious and comprised of raw emotion.

System 2 - are thoughts that are slow, conscious, calculating and display logic.

With marketing activity, we have a persuasive aim, it makes sense for most of it to appeal to the emotions and thoughts we have the least control of – system 1. However, at the same time, it’s important that your marketing strategies create something important, meaningful and considerable to convince people that it will bring long-term value to their lives in some way or another. Dual process theory ensures that your marketing activity appeals to both systems, for a cleverly put-together, well-rounded campaign.


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