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[VIDEO]: Measuring Influencer & Blogger Marketing ROI

When it comes to using influencer marketing and working with bloggers or vloggers, one of the main barriers to brands getting involved is the perception that it’s hard to quantify success and to..

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Making a Fashion Statement Online

As a retail brand online, you’re often up against some serious competition and it can take creativity and a bold vision to get noticed online. Digital marketing is a great way to make an impact..

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How to dominate 2018: Eye-opening digital marketing predictions from 9 digital experts

With economic uncertainty set to continue for the foreseeable future, due to that little thing called Brexit, along with new things to contend with, such as the forthcoming GDPR roll out in May,..

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3 North West brands killing it on Instagram at Christmas

At Hit Search, our expert retail team always keep one of their digital marketing ears close to the ground when it comes to social media trends. So, with many brands entering the battle to promote..

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Insurance: Compliance V Creativity

Compliance V Creativity

Insurance can be a difficult industry to market online, especially when you consider the rules and regulations that compliance requires insurance and financial companies..

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Using video content to make your insurance brand stand out

Whether your insurance firm deals with other businesses or consumers, you can’t ignore that video content is quickly overtaking every other method of getting your message across. 55% of people..

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Five tips for retailers on working with bloggers & vloggers

Blogging and vlogging is now a huge business in its own right. Some of the top UK vloggers are earning thousands every month from their collaborations with brands and through advertising and..

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How optimised FAQs can transform your legal firm’s online presence

The ways in which people search for information when they are thinking about using a legal service, or making a claim, are vastly different to how they did it ten years ago. The introduction and..

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Top PPC tips for the travel industry

The world of digital marketing is forever changing, and the way people travel and book their trips has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of decades. Paid search plays a big part in..

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How to Market Insurance Online

Insurance is a begrudged purchase, there is no doubt about it. No one wakes up, the morning after pay-day, longing to buy a premium home insurance policy from a comparison website, but some..

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