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How search engine optimisation can generate new clients for your firm

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s more commonly known, is now one of the leading ways to generate new clients. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the second most common internet activity in 2016 was finding information about goods and services; this survey was undertaken by 76% of adults and is up by 7% on 2015. In this blog, we take a look at how SEO can help you generate new business for your law firm. 

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Liverpool digital agency, Hit Search, celebrate three internal staff promotions

Liverpool-based digital agency, Hit Search, is delighted to announce that three internal staff members have been promoted to a senior level.

Hit Search has promoted Miriam Sauter, Jenny Maddock and Agnes Gizynska to Digital Strategy Director, Account Director and Junior Paid Media Manager, respectively.

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3 ways voice search can benefit your law firm

There is no doubt that voice search is growing, with smartphone and tablet users forming new search habits as the technology evolves. In a recent presentation report by Mary Meeker on 2016 Internet trends, the global figures indicate that during 2015 alone, the use of voice search went from statistically nothing, to a 10% market share of all engine searches by the end of Q4. That speed and scale of growth is incredible!

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Google’s Pixel Phone and the impact it could have on search habits

Google has just released its latest piece of hardware, a phone called Pixel. This brand new device comes in two different sizes and has the ability to save unlimited photos and videos, along with the best camera a smartphone has ever integrated.

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The latest SEO trends that will impact your firm’s website

The world of SEO is notorious for fast-moving changes; a quick update here and a big algorithm roll-out there. However, 2016 has seen more dramatic changes than previous years. From a full overhaul of local SEO all the way through to the big Penguin 4.0 update, which was first rolled out on 23rd September of this year.

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Retailers: How to boost the performance of your email marketing

There are many marketers who think email marketing is an old-fashioned marketing tactic, that fails to deliver results, and that’s simply not the case. Did you know that 53% of emails are opened on mobile? And that according to Campaign Monitor, you’re six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet??

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The Benefits of Local SEO for Law Firms

As we all know, local SEO can be a very powerful marketing tool if used properly. No matter the size of your business, targeting customers or clients in the area near where your office is based is far different to larger-scale SEO campaigns. Instead, your rankings in local search results are based on location data, such as your office address and phone number listings, reviews from local customers, and of course – your Google My Business page.

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How to optimise your firm’s site for search engines

The theory behind search engine optimisation (SEO) is simple; make your website as easy as possible for search engines to find, understand and evaluate. When search engines can see how useful your site is to your audience, using their various algorithms and taking many factors into account, they choose how to display your site in their results when people search for queries and terms related to your business. The higher in the search results that websites are displayed for relevant searched keywords, the bigger their bite of the relevant organic traffic and online market share.

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4 conversion killers for retail brands

As a retail brand, you’ll have many website objectives, perhaps it’s to increase traffic, to improve new product exposure, or maybe it’s to increase newsletter sign-ups. Whatever your overarching site objectives, they’re all leading towards the same thing – and that’s increasing your conversion rate. There are so many obvious conversion rate killers just hiding there in plain sight, so we’ve highlighted the top 6 your retail brand should try and avoid.

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Basic SEO tips every legal marketer should know

Being visible online is now essential for all law firms; when someone is looking for a solicitor or lawyer the first thing they are likely to do is search online. While personal recommendations from friends and family still play an important role in how clients choose their law firm, not being visible on search results will damage your ability to generate leads. In this blog we aim to take you through the basics of SEO every legal marketer should know.

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