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How to build your legal buyer personas from scratch

It can be difficult to build anything marketing-related from scratch, whether it’s a marketing strategy, a campaign, whatever it is you’re building, it all needs to begin with buyer personas. But, why do you need to start with buyer personas? We hear you ask! Buyer personas help you define your audience clearly, making it easier to not only target your audience, but they help understand exactly what your audience want, when.

Not only have we created a step-by-step guide to building your personas (you can access your copy here) but, we’ve also created some very handy, editable buyer persona templates (you can download your copy of these templates here!)

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Connect with your legal buyer personas using these 3 tips

In this post we’re sharing 3 content marketing tips to help your firm attract its buyer personas. It’s important when you’re building your personas, that you use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, both these research techniques will ensure your persona is built as close to your ideal customer as possible without detracting away from a realistic perspective.

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How to make the most of Google’s price ad extensions

Google seems to be spoiling advertisers this year with the extra ad space. After taking away the right-hand side earlier this year the focus has definitely shifted to making the ad space bigger with more attractive ad formats. The most recent development launching in the US and the UK over the next couple of days is the Price Ad Extension for mobile.

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3 persona marketing tips for your law firm

Building a persona from scratch can be a daunting task, but once you’ve streamlined your buyer personas, your firm can turn over a new leaf when it comes to marketing strategies. Persona marketing ensures your firm stays focused on its target audience, which, in turn, returns highly-relevant website visitors and therefore more chance of closing those leads into customers.

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How to deliver an effective omni-channel customer service

Customers buy a lot differently to how they did a few years ago, it’s important your ecommerce business adapts to the customers’ buying habits and behaviours. We’re assuming you’ve adapted your clothing lines and websites to accommodate for trends and buying habits over the years, but what about the delivery of customer service? How can you make sure you deliver an effective omni-channel customer service?

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3 elements every legal buyer persona should have

When building your firm’s buyer personas, you need to make sure they reflect your ideal (but realistic) customers, which is then backed up and is led by real data, whether it’s taken from your current clients’ journeys, on-site surveys, wherever you’re getting your data from, the results have to help you shape your buyer personas. So, with that point in mind, here are 3 elements every legal buyer persona should have.

P.S. Check out our definitive guide to targeting your audience, download now!

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How building buyer personas can increase your firm’s revenue

The good thing about persona marketing is no matter your industry, it can help you refine and define your target audience, meaning you waste less time and effort on marketing tactics that fail to generate relevant leads. It’s important that your firm can get in on this action and with the legal market ever-growing in competitive spirit, it’s crucial your firm starts adopting this marketing strategy to even begin to compete.

Check out our downloadable buyer persona templates here, and start creating your firm's from scratch today!

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Legal persona marketing and why your firm needs to do it today

Legal persona marketing is a powerful tool for your firm and will underpin all of your inbound marketing strategies. But how do you go about creating your client personas so as to drive new clients into getting in touch with your firm? Find out below.

P.S. Why not download our step-by-step guide to building your legal buyer personas today?

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4 Legal persona marketing strategies your firm should implement today!

Your firm’s inbound marketing needs to be built on the back of detailed and well-researched claimant personas. But many legal marketers struggle to build out their personas, so we’ve pulled together four legal persona marketing strategies that your firm can implement now!

P.S. Why not download our free legal marketing persona templates so you can start building your personas today!

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What are legal UX personas and how to build them for your firm today!

As a legal marketer, you’re probably quite familiar with the idea of creating marketing personas, to provide you with a fictitious character that represents your ideal client. The persona is then used as a frame to craft content across your firm’s website and social media channels. But what you’re probably less familiar with is legal UX personas.

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