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Legal persona marketing and why your firm needs to do it today?

Legal persona marketing is a powerful tool for your firm and will underpin all of your inbound marketing strategies. But how do you go about creating your client personas so as to drive new clients into getting in touch with your firm? Find out below.

P.S. Why not download our step-by-step guide to building your legal buyer personas today?

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4 Legal persona marketing strategies your firm should implement today!

Your firm’s inbound marketing needs to be built on the back of detailed and well-researched claimant personas. But many legal marketers struggle to build out their personas, so we’ve pulled together four legal persona marketing strategies that your firm can implement now!

P.S. Why not download our free legal marketing persona templates so you can start building your personas today!

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What are legal UX personas and how to build them for your firm today!

As a legal marketer, you’re probably quite familiar with the idea of creating marketing personas, to provide you with a fictitious character that represents your ideal client. The persona is then used as a frame to craft content across your firm’s website and social media channels. But what you’re probably less familiar with is legal UX personas.

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Google AdWords interface changes: What do they mean for your business?

Google has recently announced a number of changes to be introduced within their new AdWords interface. One particular change surrounds increasing the paid ad real estate, enabling more headline copy and description; boosting the paid ads profile. This is an exciting time for paid marketers, with opportunities for engagement to improve significantly as the presence of paid advertisements are set to grow even further.

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Use Rich Cards and Showcase Shopping Ads to drive your brand's sales

Google continually update their services to provide both users and brands with a great experience, but their two latest updates, one SEO focused and the other PPC, could have a big effect on increasing the sales of your fashion brand, with little work and spend from you. Read on below to see what they are and how you can use them to increase sales today!

 P.S. If you’re after some tips to ensure you connect with your fashion brands mobile customers, download our eBook today!

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4 legal persona marketing mistakes your firm needs to avoid!

Building personas of your ideal clients is a powerful strategy that will help your firm generate content ideas and precisely target your paid advertising. But there are also dangers of persona marketing and here are four legal persona marketing mistakes that your firm needs to avoid if you want to be successful.

P.S. Why not download our step-by-step guide to building your legal personas so you never make a mistake again.

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Hit Search are now located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre

Liverpool-born agency Hit Search uproot headquarters to facilitate existing expansion

Hit Search are now located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre

So far 2016 has been a great year for award-winning digital marketing agency, Hit Search. As a result of new client wins the team have rapidly expanded over the past few months across all departments. Most recently, Hit Search set up shop in the heart of the city.

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10 Questions to ask when creating your legal client personas

Crafting a well-developed and detailed client persona can have huge benefits to your law firm’s marketing efforts but building your firm’s client personas can be a long and expensive marketing strategy. So here we’ve gathered 10 questions you can ask yourself today to begin understanding your personas better.

And then download our free client persona templates to create and share your personas with the rest of your team.


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Target your law firm’s audience with the help of our definitive guide!

Did you know that 48% of potential claimants are more likely to consider a firm that personalises their marketing to address their specific needs!

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How to obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm

Obtaining highly-relevant leads for your law firm is a top priority and through a clear understanding of your ideal potential claimants you can ensure your firm’s marketing tactics are targeted to reach them. Check out these three strategies which will help you obtain those highly-relevant leads for your firm.

P.S. Download our legal sector Definitive Guide to Targeting your Audience and learn how to truly target your audience with your marketing strategy! 

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