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Three Retail Brands thinking outside the box with their Content Strategy

According to Adweek, It is now said that 81% of shoppers will actively research a brand before shopping their products, which proves the importance of the image of your brand - how your brand..

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3 ways to help ensure your Black Friday promotion doesn't detract from Christmas revenue

Black Friday is an American import that has become an important retail event in the UK. In the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is a public holiday. Traditionally, retailers..

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Mobile-first indexing – how does it impact desktop rankings?

Website owners across the UK will most likely have received a message from Google Search Console within the last few weeks like the below, informing them that mobile-first indexing has been..

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Should your Brand be Working with Micro-Bloggers or more established Bloggers?

When brands are choosing bloggers to work with, they are, naturally, drawn towards those with tonnes of thousands of followers with professional imagery and a shed load of views on their videos...

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[Infographic] Scalable retail digital marketing tips

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Scaling up digital marketing activity & results

As your business grows and you see results from your marketing activity, it can be tempting to simply do more of the same and expect the return to increase in line with this.

In some areas, this..

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Creating & maintaining a loyal & engaged customer base

Making a sale is great; what is even better is making repeat sales from the same shopper, and then telling all of their friends about you so that you get even more business. In an online..

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The power of knowing your audience: Dollar Shave Club’s marketing success story

In less than eight years, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) has gone from a conversation between two men at a party, to a global business that recently sold for $1bn. It’s a tale of entrepreneurship,..

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Driving sales with influencer marketing & social media

Social media marketing and working with influencers have long been seen primarily as brand awareness and engagement tools rather than sales-drivers. However, there are ways to leverage these..

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Earning links & referral traffic with content & outreach/online PR

Links from relevant and influential sources to a brand website are an important component of any SEO campaign, as these links act as a trust signal for search engines.


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