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3 marketing automation stats that will make you re-think your firm's strategy

If your firm hasn’t invested in marketing automation as part of its digital strategy, then maybe it’s time to look into it for the year ahead. There are many platforms you can start to research..

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THE best content marketing tactics to secure new cases for your firm

Securing new cases for your law firm is probably your highest priority. But how can you utilise content marketing to find the leads required in order to convert them into new clients? We’ve..

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How to connect with the mobile customer

According to Retail Research, ecommerce is the fastest growing retail marketing in Europe and North America. And with mobile ecommerce, or mcommerce, steadily picking up pace over the past few..

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Law firms: How buyer personas impact your content marketing strategy

Buyer personas not only affect your content marketing strategy, but they also affect your firm’s digital marketing strategy as a whole. Without buyer personas your strategy would lack direction..

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Why content marketing fails in the legal sector

A lot of firms, and businesses in general, can be put off by content marketing tactics as it doesn’t necessarily deliver immediate results; particularly when compared to paid search or paid social..

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How to dominate 2017: Eye-opening digital marketing predictions from 11 digital experts

Everyone wants to know what’s next in digital marketing, and this year is no different. So, what’s the next big thing? Where should you be investing your money? We’ve gathered together the..

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Last-minute online traffic boosters for your Black Friday deals

Black Friday is an American shopping  tradition that most customers love - and a lot of fashion brands get very worried about! And it’s no wonder, constantly competing for the most sales and the..

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A step-by-step guide to building your own buyer personas

The great thing about buyer personas is, they aren't something only a handful of businesses benefit from; they can work for every industry. You can build them using your data and by interviewing..

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Where should your firm start with content marketing?

As with any new marketing tactic, content marketing can seem like a daunting challenge; particularly for law firms. What kind of content would you produce? Who would even read it?

In this post, we..

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Who should be responsible for content marketing in your firm?

Although the marketing department is responsible for the over-arching strategy and implementation of your marketing tactics, content marketing works best when everyone in the company gets behind..

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