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Getting the most from your old content

The sheer volume of content on the internet is increasing every day, making it harder to find an audience and ensure content has an impact on your campaign. But content is still a cornerstone of digital marketing; we simply need to make sure that we are squeezing the best possible return from this asset.

Obviously, a big part of what we do is supplying a large amount of content for our client websites, some of which takes the form of on-site blogs, but the lifespan of our blog content is finite and sometimes, in our hast to move onto the next big story, we could miss out on the chance to fully benefit from the work we’ve already done.

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Target your audience with paid advertising 

If you're a legal marketer, download your free copy of our latest paid advertising guide titled, 'Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising' and start to witness specific site traffic and highly relevant conversions.

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Law firms: 3 PPC tools to kick-start your campaign

If your firm is just starting to tackle the PPC digital marketing channel, we’ve got 3 PPC tools you can utilise to make that first PPC campaign that little bit easier!

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Instagram v Snapchat – What’s the story?

Whether you’re team Instagram or strictly a Snapchat fan, you won’t have escaped the latest update from the Facebook founders behind everyone’s favourite picture-sharing app – Instagram Stories.

The new feature makes it easier for users to capture and share their daily moments by uploading photo and video content, in short, 10-second bursts. 

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Improve your firm's PPC conversions with these 3 tips

Improving conversion rates can be tough regardless of channel, but when it comes to PPC it’s important you are able to confidently track, follow up and boost conversions. Whether you’re looking to boost conversions through phone call, email or through the form on your isolated landing page. You’re investing money into this channel, so you need to make sure you get it spot on, to ensure your law firm is seeing a high return on investment!

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3 Advantages PPC can have for your legal firm today!

PPC can be a great way to increase leads and revenue for your legal firm. Allowing you to reach your client persona through targeted keywords and provide a high level of awareness due to appearing at the top of search result pages. One study found that firms that have both a paid ad and an organic search result showing on a results page increase click-through-rate by up to 50%. In the rest of this blog we’ll look at three other fantastic advantages PPC can have for your legal firm.

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3 facts about pay-per-click advertising your firm needs to know

There are many reasons why your firm should be investing time and money into pay-per-click (PPC) adverting. Not only are there many benefits that come with the digital marketing channel but, chances are, all your main competitors are actively bidding on keywords that could be used to find your firm, too.

P.S. Learn even more about pursuing your firm’s audience through paid advertising by downloading this eBook.

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3 PPC mistakes law firms need to avoid to have a successful campaign!

Using PPC to advertise your legal firm on Google and Bing is one of the most competitive marketing strategies, depending on your location and legal speciality you could be paying anywhere from £5 to over three figures per click. But done correctly PPC can be a powerful tool to generate new leads and create new business for your firm.  In this post, we’ll identify three major mistakes that most legal firms make when using pay per click campaigns.

P.S. Learn how to target your audience with paid advertising with the help of this legal eBook!

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3 simple reasons why your firm should set up a PPC campaign

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a digital marketing channel your firm should be utilising in order to stay competitive in the industry. We discuss 3 simple reasons why your firm should set up a PPC campaign.

P.S. Pursue your buyer personas through paid advertising by downloading our eBook, today!

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How can your business get star ratings in organic search results?

How much attention does your business pay to the appearance of its listings in the search engines? This is an often overlooked aspect of SEO campaigns, however, it is one of the most crucial in maximising the number of visitors that visit your site.

In many cases, the very first interaction potential customers will have with your business, will be viewing your listings in an organic search result; it makes sense to view your listings as an extension of your site and do all you can to make your results as aesthetically pleasing and relevant to users as possible. After all, the better your results look, the more people will be inclined to click on your listing and visit your site.

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