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3 tips to strengthen your firm's paid social media strategy

Paid social is a twofold marketing channel, it can help direct highly-relevant traffic to your firm’s site, but it can also improve your social channel engagement levels, by encouraging relevant users to interact with your page. If you’re thinking about investing in paid social for your law firm, check out these three tips to help build your social media marketing strategy.

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3 Twitter tips to make sure your firm survives and thrives

Twitter is currently actively used by over 300 million users worldwide, so your firm should definitely be active on this channel, too. Whether you’re just starting out on Twitter, or have been an active member for years, we’ve got 3 Twitter tips to make sure your firm survives and thrives in this highly competitive social environment.

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Social media profile tips to help your firm stand out

Statista reported, that in the second quarter of this year, there were an unbelievable 313 million active users on Twitter! So if you’re using Twitter, alongside some other social channels, perhaps Facebook and LinkedIn, just sit back and imagine the possibilities for your law firm, if you managed to perfect your social media marketing and reel in a torrent of new leads!

So, how can we help? We’re sharing our top social media profile tips to help your firm stand out!

P.S. Download our social media guide for law firms, and learn about utilising social media for your firm, in your own time! Download now.

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Will Ex Machina Take My Job? Machine Learning & the Role of the Digital Strategist in 2016

From Terminator to Ex Machina, machine learning has always been a sci-fi phenomenon, but robots and artificial intelligence now play an increasing role in our working lives. In 2016, few topics have been discussed as frequently and caused as much controversy in the digital community. Machine learning is now on everyone’s agenda including Google’s who recently opened their new research centre in Zurich, Switzerland.

Searches related to machine learning have rocketed in 2016. Everyone’s talking about it and everyone wants to learn more.

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How to build your firm's social media strategy from scratch

Building any strategy from scratch can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating. Even though building a strategy is the planning phase, before the implementation and measurement phases; it’s best you have at least an idea of what you’re going to discuss in your initial social strategy meeting. Going into a strategy planning meeting with no direction, will be a waste of everyone’s time!

So here’s how to build your firm’s social media strategy from scratch.

P.S. Download our social media eBook, to ensure your firm is making the most of the social sphere!

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How marketing automation can help your omni-channel strategy

Marketing automation is great for automating website actions, email marketing and of course, social media posts. Omni-channel marketing is when you’re endeavouring to offer your customers a seamless experience, regardless of device or channel.

So you know what an omni-channel strategy is, and you know about marketing automation, but exactly how can marketing automation help your omni-channel strategy?

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Top 3 social media tools every law firm should use

Social media tools can make managing your social accounts so much easier! Gaining insight across the separate channels can be tricky, and not to mention, time consuming. We’ve gathered 3 social media tools every law firm should use – we hope you find them useful!

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4 social media tactics to win new clients for your firm

Social media marketing is a fantastic platform your law firm can utilise to build brand awareness, which in turn can help you generate new leads. But, we understand that depending on your legal service specialisms, some client cases can take years to obtain. That’s why it’s important to constantly stay at the forefront of your target audiences’ mind. So that, one day, when they do require legal representation, your firm springs to mind first!

P.S. Check out our social media eBook for law firms, download now!

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The race to position zero – there is more than one way to be found in search

If there’s a misconception that the search industry can’t seem to shake off, it’s that a business’ online success hinges on climbing to first place in Google.

Google has changed so much by mid-2016 that there are more opportunities than ever to help your customers find you in search. An SEO campaign shouldn’t be built around hitting #1 for a particular search, but rather providing as much useful information and interesting media as possible to maximise your visibility in the various facets of the new-look SERPs.

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3 tips for managing your firm's reputation on social media

Social media isn’t just about posting interesting and relevant content for your followers, it’s also about boosting awareness and making sure your firm stands out from the crowd for the right reasons. Managing your reputation on social media, can be tricky.

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