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Helen Jackson

Fashion Email Marketing: Best Fashion Email Newsletters Automation

If you didn’t know it yet, marketing automation is a big trend this year, particularly for ecommerce brands. If you’re not sure what marketing automation is, or you’d like to know how it can help your business, check out this article here for more information.

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So here are 3 email marketing automation workflows your fashion brand should try out!


Basket abandonment workflow

Shopify reported that an enormous 67.45% of online shopping carts in the UK are abandoned. So, therefore any ecommerce business can benefit from a basket abandonment automated email workflow. Research was conducted by WorldPay, into the top reasons for basket abandonment. The top three reasons were:

  1. The customer was presented with unexpected costs (56%)
  2. They were just browsing (37%)
  3. They found a better price elsewhere (36%)

So when you’re thinking about creating the content of your basket abandonment emails, think about the reasons behind their abandonment and perhaps ease their trust issues with transparency on price, for example.

Re-engagement workflow

With new brands appearing left, right and centre, customers sometimes can’t help but explore new brands, whilst forgetting your brand ever existed. It’s time to turn that around, and with the help of a targeted re-engagement automated workflow, you can do it easily. Setting up a workflow targeting inactive customers, it’s a good idea to remind them why they purchased from you in the first place. Whether it’s showing offers alongside similar products or clearly highlight your USP, it’s important to re-engage with them. You never know, they might have just needed that gentle nudge into becoming an active customer again, and your automated email workflow could be the one to do it!

Upsell workflow

This workflow in particular can help increase your conversion rate. Many online retailers including ASOS, now have a ‘shop the look’ style feature on their product pages. Whatever the model is pictured wearing, even if you’ve only clicked to view a t-shirt, for example, the entire outfit is readily available below the t-shirt to add to your basket with a touch of a button. You can use your upsell workflow emails in a similar way. If they’ve purchased one item from the outfit, you can email them out the outfit that they’re ‘missing’ out on. This workflow can be particularly useful when promoting new collections or product lines that are relevant to the customer.

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