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Matthew Crehan

How To Increase Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite some time; with the first ever email campaign being sent to a few hundred recipients back in 1978. Now we send well over 120 billion emails per hour. But to make those email campaigns stand out and convert, your legal firm needs to follow these three fundamental rules.

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Motivate to take action

In an email in order to get the recipient to take action you have to motivate them and give them a desire for what your legal firm is offering. Psychologist Adam Ferrier says that “motivation is made up of two things, individual incentive and social norms.”

Individual incentive is that of looking to perform an action for pleasure or to avoid pain, which in marketing terms means for someone to click a call-to-action and convert they need to either feel it will help them achieve something or solve the issue they are facing.

Social norm on the other hand means that when making a decision, though an individual will look at how it will benefit them they will also think about how that action will make them look in society and what the wider consequences of doing or not doing it might be.

There are two ways to accomplish satisfying these two needs within your legal email campaigns, first is using beautiful imagery and second is through benefit focused copy. By using beautiful imagery you pull on the emotional and memory centres of the brain, allowing readers to imagine themselves in such a situation. While using benefit focused copy allows you to explain just how the services and actions you’re asking a reader to take will help them rather than just focusing on the features of your legal services.


Reduce anxiety towards the action

Along with building motivation to make potential claimants take action with your email you also need to reduce the recipient’s anxiety in taking that action. This anxiety could be caused for a number of reasons including fear that your legal services won’t be right for them or a lack of trust in your firm.

To allow you to reduce this anxiety you really have to place yourself in your potential claimant’s shoes and understand why they feel this anxiety. From there you can take steps to help reduce it.

One great method is to use testimonials of happy and relevant claimants. Here you can include a name and photo along with a claimant quote about how your services helped them. This helps the reader to connect with your firm as you provide a voice different to your own and by doing so can reduce anxiety and build trust.


Make it easy to convert

Finally to have a successful legal email campaign, which converts potential claimants to new cases for your firm, you need to make it easy for them to convert. Again psychologist Adam Ferrier says that “increasing ease is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions.”

So how can you increase the ease to convert?

One way is to use buttons that stand out, rather than using in text call-to-actions, one study found that using large CTA buttons which stood out from the surrounding text saw a 22% increase in click through rate compared to in text CTAs.

Another way to ease the chances of conversion is through removing unnecessary distractions, this can be on your email itself but more importantly on the landing page your email’s CTA sends the recipient to. Your landing page should be clear of any navigation and provide a clear bullet pointed description of the offer be it downloading an eBook or arranging a free thirty minute consultation.

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By focusing on motivating and understanding your recipient’s anxiety you can increase the conversion rate of your legal firm’s email marketing campaigns.


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