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Helen Jackson

Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Optimising your site for mobile users can seem like a minefield. You’re site needs to seamlessly adapt for the mobile user, ask yourself, is there too much content for such a small screen? How different is their scroll behaviour when compared with the desktop user? There’s so many elements and features of your site and strategy you'll need to re-think or re-purpose.

At Hit Search, we want to help you optimise your site for the mobile customer as best we can, here are our 3 mobile conversion rate optimisation tips for you to try!

3 mobile conversion rate optimisation tips

Continuously monitor user behaviour

There’s many tools out there but one of the best for the job is Visual Web Optimiser. Using their heat map, click map, area stats and scroll map features can give your fashion brand a deeper insight into your mobile users’ behaviour around all areas of your site. With the chance to filter by device and browser, this tool is a must when you’re after the knowledge to give your fashion brand the upper hand when it comes to deciding which optimisation techniques to implement next.

Test the usability of your mobile site

Whether you’ve implemented a mobile site or a mobile-responsive site design, you’ll need to test the entire site before you let it loose on your users! Testing can be done in-house but your teams could fail to spot basic usability errors, as they’re too close to the project! Recruiting a third party user testing company can be a smart call, people offering fresh views and unbiased opinions can be the best kind of feedback to obtain in the preliminary stages of your testing phase. Once you’ve got past this phase, think about introducing a focus group containing your target persona into the mix to test from a customer point of view.

Make it easy for the user to convert

This sounds simple, but it’s often an optimisation technique overlooked. Many brands focus too closely on the aesthetics of the size rather than functionality. Of course, your site needs to look appealing, but that should rank second to ease of conversion. Making the path to conversion distraction-free, pleasant and generally as quick as possible, will - without doubt - increase your conversion rate. It’s particularly important to make it as simple as possible for your mobile users, with a small mobile phone screen to contend with, the more you over-complicated the process, the more likely you’ll receive a higher number of basket abandonments!

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