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Omni Channel Best Practices | Omni Channel Retailing Best Practices

These best practices are already being observed by many big retail brands in the UK, so get your notepad out and listen up. These strategies can help you on your way to building an engaging and enjoyable customer experience!

Here are 3 omni-channel best practices your brand needs to take notice of:

omni-channel best practices your brand needs to take notice of

Get all employees involved

Whether it’s encouraging them to put forward marketing ideas, or getting them to take part in gathering customer feedback; getting everyone involved will ensure all employees are aware of your retail brand’s strategies. When everyone is on board with a new strategy, there’s more chance of it succeeding. Getting the opinions of all employees can help you generate new, innovative ideas to connect with your customers across multiple channels. The opinions of your front line customer service staff are particularly valuable; from customer service representatives on the phones to floor sales assistants; these are the people who interact with your customers on a daily basis!

Segment your customer database

You should be segmenting your audience anyway, but when you’re building an omni-channel strategy you need to ensure your segments are understood thoroughly. This enables your retail brand to deliver a comprehensive cross-channel and device strategy, making sure each customer’s journey is personalised to their shopping habits. After you’ve clearly segmented your customers, this is where marketing automation really comes into its own. When a customer completes an action on your site, such as purchasing one of your products, this can trigger an automatic set of emails to the user. This workflow helps nurture the user along a personalised shopping journey, eventually ending in repeat custom for your business!

Implement channel fluidity

If a customer purchases something from your online store, can they return it to your physical store? If they can’t, you could be missing out on future purchases from this customer. Omni-channel is all about making the user’s journey a pleasant and straightforward one. According to an article published by Business2Community, 67% of consumers start shopping on one device and finish on another, so doesn’t it make sense for your retail brand to mirror their behaviour throughout your channels? According to a survey carried out by WorldPay, omni-channel shoppers spend between 50-300% more than single channel shoppers – if this statistic doesn’t make you want to embrace omni-channel retailers – we don’t know what will!

Learn more about becoming an omni-channel brand with our guide - download a copy, now!

A guide to omni-channel marketing

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