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Helen Jackson

Omni Channel Brand Experience | 3 omni-channel ideas for your brand

It can be difficult to generate your own ideas, especially if you’re starting your omni-channel strategy from scratch. So, we’ve put some, hopefully, helpful ideas together for you, to help slowly turn your brand into a strong, omni-channel force to be reckoned with!


Employ personalised customer service cross-channel

Ensuring your responses are personable and unique can go a long way to appeasing your customers’ issues or complaints about your brand or products. Making sure all customer service avenues follow suit is an important part of your continued omni-channel strategy implementation. With customers now accessing your brand through Twitter, for example, your responses to their complaints need to be uniform to a certain degree, in terms of adhering to your policies, but you need to think about little personal attributes. For example, just signing the tweet or post off with your name, encourages accountability within your teams and personalises each response. You should also think about implementing a customer service-specific social account. Analysing which social channel collects the most complaints can be an easy way to decide which channel should have ownership of this complaints account. Personalised and immediate customer service responses are what the customer now demands, so you need to look to how you’re going to fulfil this!

Get rid of distractions

You’re trying to deliver your customer a seamless experience regardless of device or channel. So to be able to fully-deliver this your channels need to be free of distractions, this way the user can enjoy an uninterrupted shopping experience. Try not to bombard them with irrelevant and unnecessary calls-to-action. The chances are they’ve visited a few of your channels to get to this purchasing point, so to increase your conversion rate whilst simultaneously delivering an omni-channel strategy, you need to be able to hold back and reserve your calls-to-action nearer the purchasing stage to checkout-based only.

Ensure all your touchpoints are accounted for

The transition to becoming an omni-channel brand is a big shift for your company, and because you’re probably already a multi-channel brand you might think attributing customer touchpoints isn’t a priority, you already have them set up from your multi-channel strategy. But, now that you’re endeavouring to offer the customer a seamless experience you need to make sure you can confidently attribute value to all your customers’ touchpoints with your brand, so of your touchpoints will have envitably changed, so you’ll need to re-evaluate. After you’ve got an attribution model in place you can start to analyse and further understand how your customers interact with your brand in the lead up to a purchase in the context of your new omni-channel strategy.

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