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Helen Jackson

Omni Channel Customer Service Strategy

The fashion industry can be a tough place to be deemed a serious competitor, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying! According to the Right Now Report – Customer Experience Impact, customers were asked, how could companies encourage them to spend more money? 66% said improve customer service and 23% said a ‘tailored’ experience. This statistic clearly highlights the impact unrivalled customer service can have on your fashion business. With digital channels cropping up left, right and centre, it’s crucial to be able to offer something of value to your customers no matter how many touchpoints there are in their buyers’ journey.

We’re sharing our top three secrets to help you on your way to offering an unrivalled omni-channel customer service, check them out below!

3 secrets to achieving unrivalled omni-channel customer service

Don’t shy away from negative social comments

Customer demands are ever-expanding and, according to Convince and Convert, 42% of consumers complaining on social media expect a response within 60 minutes. Which, if your brand have a dedicated social media manager, might not be too much of a stretch. With so many customers using social media to vent their frustrations with brands, it’s important to be able to appropriately deal with the situation, after all, your conversations are on display for the world to see.

Top tip: Don’t encourage the customer to direct message your brand to tackle the complaint (unless it involves sharing personal information, of course.) Try and resolve it out in public for your followers to be able to read and understand that you’ve professionally dealt with the issues. Having a separate customer service social account that is also clearly promoted through your mainstream company account, can also help direct the customer to the correct and convenient customer service channel for them to use.

Train your customer service teams

If you train your employees and truly educate them around the art of communication, you’re onto a customer service winner! Employees who engage perfectly with the customer AND have product knowledge can be the key to a successful omni-channel customer service strategy. If your employees are clued up on your products but don’t know the first thing about customer service practices or processes specific to your brand, there’s a high chance your customers will leave your brand feeling dissatisfied, and who knows, they might never return!

Top tip: Consider creating a shareable PDF document containing basic brand guidelines. Remember, you want your customers to leave any customer service interaction feeling like their complaint or problem was dealt with effectively. According to New Voice Media, UK businesses lose a massive £12bn a year as a result of poor customer service! So make sure your brand is paving the way to exceptional customer service with training, to avoid being sucked into this statistic.

Make sure you scrutinise your customer touchpoints

Delivering a seamless customer experience, regardless of device or channel, can be a tall order for your brand. However, by truly understanding ALL your customer touchpoints is a crucial step before you even think about implementing an omni-channel strategy. How can you possibly deliver exceptional customer service if you don’t know exactly when your customer interacts with your brand, or at what stage of the buying cycle they interact and through what channel?

Top tip: To gain a first-hand experience of the customer’s journey, sign up to your brand as if you were a customer and take the journey yourself. Alternatively - or additionally - recruit third party testers to note down where and when the customer comes into contact with your brand and their thoughts on the experience they receive. Recruiting mystery shoppers whether you have a physical or an online store, can bring some really interesting data to the surface, data you can use to inform your customer touchpoint strategy.

Want to learn more about becoming an omni-channel brand? Check out our eBook: A step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing.

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