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Helen Jackson

CRO Mistakes | The Conversion Rate Don'ts

We all make mistakes, it’s a fact of life. But, when it comes to your fashion website you need to desperately minimise the mistakes you make. Having an e-commerce website is all about continual iterations. The more you test and modify your website, the less problems your users will stumble upon, making it more likely that they’ll purchase from you! Makes sense, right?

So, how come so many fashion brands continue to make the same user experience mistakes? We have no idea, but here are the top 3 surprisingly common conversion rate mistakes.

No ‘add to basket’ feature above the fold

When you re-design your website, sometimes, the aesthetics can cloud your user experience judgement. Your product pages look so good, they’re clean and contemporary, with fantastic high-quality imagery. Your ‘add to basket’ button is below the fold of the page? Well, why have you done that? An ‘add to basket’ button is a call-to-action, you’re not calling anyone immediately to that action if your users have to scroll down to it! So increase your chances of a conversion and position the button above the fold.

No breadcrumb trail

If you’re not offering a breadcrumb trail for your users, you’re definitely missing a trick. Implementing a breadcrumb feature makes the users’ experience glide that little bit more smoothly. Not only can they view exactly how they’ve reached a particular item, but then the chances of them finding that item again easily, are high. Making the chances of future conversions much more possible. Pressing the backwards arrow on their web browser, just to go back one or two pages can be frustrating for the user, this way, they can click whichever item of the breadcrumb they wish to return to, how simple is that?

Clear product images

This may sound like a basic point, but, how close to your product image can your users actually get? Fashion giants including boohoo.com, go that step further for the user and have implemented a roll-over image zoom. So much easier for the user to get up-close to the image, rather than having to manually click on a ‘zoom’ button. If you’re trying to become an ‘omni-channel’ brand, then being able to offer the user an up-close view of the product they’re buying, is very similar to when a user browses a product in store. Making this amend can help make your customers’ experience a seamless one, regardless of shopping channel!

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