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Andy Donaldson

Christmas Marketing Campaign Facts | Digital Marketing Christmas Tips

Every fashion brand wants to maximise their revenue over the Christmas period, so side-stepping these marketing mistakes could help your brand stay on track amongst the festivities!

Here are our top 3 Christmas marketing mistakes to avoid:

Don’t regurgitate old material

It can be so easy to regurgitate your old Christmas campaigns, less effort, less money spent and less creative energy expended. But, for those who were buying from your brand last year, or even just those who visited your brand last Christmas, there’s a high possibility they’ll know it’s not fresh material. It’s important for your brand to try new and innovative Christmas campaign ideas out. Trying a new Christmas idea could be the difference between a good Christmas and a great Christmas revenue. So engage your creative Christmas brains!

Don’t forget the bigger picture

Sure, it’s important to attract customers to your fashion brand over the festive period but, you need to think about the long game. In order for your brand to continue effectively marketing to the customers you acquired over Christmas, those customers need to be made up of your target audience. Why? Well, if you market to everyone over Christmas, without direction, then how do you think your targeted campaigns in the New Year will be received? If your customers aren’t made up of your target market, the chances of them unsubscribing from your emails are high. So don’t go off-piste, try and keep your festive marketing specific!

Don’t forget to analyse your previous campaigns

Even if this is your first ever Christmas campaign, you can look at a past campaign to help you learn from previous mistakes. Even if you haven’t made mistakes in previous Christmas campaigns, you can analyse which approach or tactic worked better and why, and similarly, which tactics didn’t deliver the best results and why. Mistakes are what help you as a marketer to really strengthen and build upon your campaign success for your fashion brand. 

Good luck!

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