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Helen Jackson

3 things your competitors can teach you about omni-channel

You’re competing against your competitors, obviously, but they can be a source of great inspiration for your fashion brand. Taking ideas and making them better-fit your brand can be a great way to build innovation into your own digital strategy.


How to nail omni-channel customer experience

According to Shopify, customer experience accounts for 47% of customer loyalty. Your brand should be aiming to delivering an exceptional customer experience anyway, but this fact just reinforces the impact your customer experience delivery can have on your customer retention. Aim to deliver a high level of customer service and fantastic user experience across all your digital channels. Looking to your competitors for guidance and ideas for customer service is best measured by signing up to receive their emails, perhaps even taking the customer purchasing journey for yourself, what do they do that you perhaps don’t do as well? Don’t forget to monitor your channels with the aim of continually improving all customers’ touchpoints with your brand, listening to your customers is the key to building a successful omni-channel strategy overall.

How to integrate a popularity counter

Integrating an item popularity counter into best-selling stock product pages, is a great way to amalgamate all channel shopping in real-time. Very.co.uk integrate the real-time shopping stats perfectly into their customers’ shopping experience. Including how many people bought a particular item in the past 48 hours, or highlighting the amount of stock left in the warehouse on a particular item, is a great use of omni-channel interconnectivity. Why bother? Inciting panic with the item being highlighted as ‘almost out of stock’, can help nudge the indecisive customer into purchasing the item now rather than waiting to order at a later date.

How to digitalise your physical store

Merging your physical store with your online channels can be difficult, but take a leaf out of Oasis’ book. With every store assistant equipped with an iPad, this enables them to check real-time stock and if your desired product isn’t in stock? They can even order it straight to your door! According to Shopify, mobile purchases are 5% of total online sales, so Topshop have covered their mobile market perfectly with their seamless integration of digital and in-store with their ‘Topshop on the go’ app. The app allows customers to scan barcodes in-store, which in turn enables the customer to check any nearby store for product stock – handy!

After some more helpful tips surrounding omni-channel? Download our step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing, here.

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