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Andy Donaldson

Omni Channel in Fashion Retail - Tips

Implementing even the smallest of strategy changes can cause confusion amongst staff and worst of all, amongst your customers. So, when you’re implementing an entirely new strategy, you need to ensure implementation is as successful as can be, with minimal, if not, zero, disruption to your customers. Remember, with an omni-channel strategy, you’re attempting to vastly improve your customers’ experience, not the other way around!

3 tips for implementing your fashion omni-channel strategy

Learn from historic mistakes

Mistakes you’ve made in the past, are, of course, absolutely fine to make, actually they’ve done you a favour. You’ve realised what really has not worked through past tactics, so you now know not to approach them from that angle again. There’s nothing worse than a company who continually makes the same mistakes, your brand reputation will just get tarnished over something that could have been avoided! Keep one eye on the past strategies and one eye on your future strategies to minimise these dreadful repeats.

Listen to both staff and customers

There are many companies who encourage staff and customer feedback, but how many actually rectify the biggest problems highlighted? If your staff and likewise, your customers, never witness change after giving feedback, then it will increase low staff morale and your customers could simply stop shopping with your brand. Taking feedback seriously, will make both your staff members and your customers feel valued and, most importantly, they’ll highlight valid points to include in your strategy. You need your staff members to believe in the strategy in order to make it successful, and you need to value your customers’ opinions as they’re the people who you’re targeting!

Don’t rush your strategy implementation

One of the most important things to remember when implementing your fashion omni-channel strategy? Don’t rush it. Even if putting the strategy together takes months longer than you’d originally planned, you wouldn’t release your new clothing collection half-finished, so don’t be tempted to do. Even though this is will be a strategy that will be modified continually when implemented, don’t implement it before it’s at a workable level. You want to wow your customers not underwhelm them.

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