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Andy Donaldson

Fashion Market Segmentation & Targeting | Target Market Examples for Fashion Industry

Getting your target market to interact with your brand is a skill. A skill that every business in every industry strives to achieve. Even though getting your target audience to interact with your brand is important all year round, the festive period is when brands endeavour to gain even more brand visibility in order to capitalise on one of the busiest shopping periods in the UK.

Your customers are looking for a bargain around Christmas time, so your fashion brand needs to be in the right place at the right time, marketing to the right people! But how can you ensure your Christmas campaigns capture the eye of your target audience?

Here are our top 3 tips to help you out!

3 tips to ensure your target market engage with your christmas campaign

Encourage brand advocacy

Encouraging your current customers to share your Christmas offers in exchange for a competition entry to win store credit, for example, can help spread your brand’s Christmas message faster and to the right market. The chances are that your customers’ social community could be similar in persona characteristics to your outlined buyer persona. It can be a quick and relatively cheap (prize dependant) win for your brand over the festive period!

Ensure your Christmas messages appear cross-channel

Engaging in specifically targeted SEO and PPC campaigns, amongst the use of other digital channels, can help tie your Christmas campaign together nicely. Ensuring your cross-channel target markets are firstly aware that you’re actively promoting a festive campaign and secondly, it helps your fashion brand highlight the offers you’re pushing throughout the campaign, ensuring you’ve covered all angles of Christmas promotion for your brand. Don’t just do this the week before Christmas, drip market to your audience, nurturing them, intensifying the volume of your messages as the countdown to the big day draws ever-closer.

Solve a problem

Identifying the most searched for keyword phrases for your persona, for example, ‘black Christmas party dresses’, can help you create specific content surrounding these problems. Sending emails to your database containing useful ‘problem-solving’ information, such as Secret Santa gift buying, party dresses or general gifts by gender, can help your target market immediately identify and engage with your email marketing and other content marketing efforts in the lead up to Christmas.

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