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Successful PPC Campaign Tips

All marketing activities can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you don’t fully understand how to get the most out of each digital marketing channel! Historically, your firm might have poured money into the PPC, or pay-per-click channel, hoping for a valuable return on investment – whether that was measured through leads or website visitors. Even though you might have witnessed an increase in website traffic, if you haven’t really seen an increase in conversions, the chances are, your campaigns aren’t targeting the correct audience.

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This is where we can help! Here’s Hit Search’s 3 tips to turn around your firm’s failing PPC campaign:

3 tips to turn around your firm's failing PPC campaign

Tip #1: Set trackable and measureable goals

If you don’t have a handle on what your firm wants to measure, how will you know if your PPC campaign is successful? Setting measureable goals for your PPC channel is a must – particularly if you’re sticking to a budget, which is pretty much every marketing team, right? Setting goals will help you stay on top of your budget and understand, in real time, what is working and what just isn’t. When setting your goals try and make them SMART; Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Sticking to these five elements will help your objectives stay focused throughout your campaigns.  

Tip #2: Continually refine your campaigns

This tip nicely ties into our first tip; it’s important you carry out the above before refining your campaigns. Understanding what is working and what isn’t - against the measurement of your pre-set goals - can help you make your next move with confidence. Knowing a particular advert isn’t being clicked on as much as another, can help you isolate this ad as a weak performer. Now you know it’s a weak performer, implement an A/B test. Testing two versions of the same ad can help you narrow down where the problem lies - perhaps it’s with the headline copy, or maybe it’s the actual text action itself. It’s crucial to keep testing and refining your campaigns, this minimises the chance your campaigns will fail.

Tip #3: Understand what it is your audience wants

If your firm is offering a free pen with every order, are you sure that’s the offer you should be pushing? When you’ve built your buyer personas (if you haven’t built them, download our templates now), you should now understand their behaviour online. You need to ensure your copy and offer alike are relatable to your buyer personas, if they’re not, then you’ve already greatly diminished your chances of a conversion. Create engaging ad copy with a relevant action/offer for your audience, this is key to creating a successful PPC campaign!

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