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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), takes over where SEO leaves off. SEO helps both search engines and potential claimants find you, but once on your website your CRO strategy needs to take over and help convert those visitors to leads and those leads into claimants. There are numerous ways you can increase conversion rates but below you’ll find three primary ways you can increase your firm’s.

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 3 ways to increase your conversion rate optimisation results



Your website visitors are made up of a whole range of individuals with different needs and wants. For example for a personal injury firm’s site which receives 3,000 visits each month, a percentage of those visits will be prospective claimants comparing your services to another firm’s, some will be doing research for the future, others will be competitors or people looking for employment and the rest are other businesses wanting to sell you something. So it’s important that alongside your well defined claimant persona that you segment up your visitors into those that match that persona, other potentially useful personas and those that aren’t of any use to you. This allows you to focus on the key visitors that you can actually help move along their journey, by providing smart content which is only possible through precise segmentation. 


Everyone knows just how important content is to search engines, helping you to rank higher and for specific keywords, but that doesn’t mean your content is going to be right for your visitors. But as part of your CRO strategy and after segmenting your visitors you can clearly understand who your potential claimants are and why they visit your firm’s website. This allows you to create smart content which can be targeted and positioned to increase conversions due to naturally developing a visitor’s journey. Examples can be as simple as tailoring email campaigns to those that have taken specific action on your website like downloading an eBook, or if your marketing software is advanced enough you can collect data on the content a single user views and therefore have personalised further content and actions presented to them each time they visit your website.


Finally test, test and test again! When designing your CRO strategies you’ll need to test everything from design aspects like colours, fonts and spacing to the best way to navigate your firm’s website and what type of content will convert best. Here it’s important to utilise A/B testing for the whole range of CRO tactics you wish to run, as well as conducting surveys to get feedback on the performance and usability of your firm’s website from your ideal claimants.

 Legal Podcast 2 - Gathering data for your CRO strategy

So there you have it three ways, that if you put in to practice will see you have some great conversion rate optimisation results for your legal firm’s website. Why not check out our blog: 10 things to avoid, to make sure your users have a great website experience

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