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Andy Donaldson

Mobile CRO | Mobile Conversion Rate Optimisation

Thinking about the performance of your legal mobile website? Do you understand how potential claimant's interaction will differ between it and your desktop site? If you don’t your conversion optimisation efforts won’t work. So here are four of the most common mistakes that legal marketers make when optimising for mobile conversions and how you can solve them.

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  4 common mistakes legal marketers make when optimising for mobile conversions

Click to Call

One of biggest mistakes legal marketers and web design teams make when optimising for mobile is not making a firm’s phone number clickable.

While using mobile devices a potential claimant has the highest potential to reach out to your firm as their mobile allows them to call you directly. But by not optimising your firm’s phone number so that when clicked it takes mobile users straight to their dialling screen you create a barrier, and prevent them from contacting you. This barrier makes the lives of your potential cliamnats that little bit harder, as it's much more time consuming to copy and paste your number or try and remember it, than simply clicking.


Large Image Files

Another common mistake when optimising for mobile, which can have a real negative effect on your firm’s site speed and therefore user experience and SEO performance, is large image files.

Instead you should look to compress image files to reduce their file size and negate any effects to site speed.

You can also test your images appearance across various device screen sizes to check that they are all optimised to respond to a whole range of mobile devices that users may use to access your legal website.


Popular Pages

With smaller screens, comes the pain of navigation and a whole change in the behaviour of how users interact with your legal content.

So don’t make the mistake of leaving a user’s journey through your site up to them. Instead prioritise the most popular and highest converting content and promote it front and centre on your mobile site making it much simpler for users to find and engage with that  all important converting content.



Speaking of making your potential claimants journey simpler, one big mistake legal marketers make is not including search functionality on their mobile websites.

This removes the pains of drop down menus and navigation trees on mobile devices and simply allows your visitors to search for exactly what it is they are looking for, and for you to serve that up to them, providing a great user experience.

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Taking note of these four common mistakes will serve you and your legal firm well when optimising your mobile website and allow you to avoid having to address them further down the line when they may have already led to decreased conversions and a loss of new claimants.

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