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Big Data in Fashion Retail Industry | Big Data Fashion

We live in the age of Big Data with a whopping 95% of the world’s data having been created in the last three years. And though being able to generate all this data is fantastic, it’s what you do with it that matters, so check out how these four fashion brands are using customer data alongside the latest technologies to create a truly personalised customer experience and increasing their sales.

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Fashion brands use Big Data to create personalised customer experiences


Nordstrom one of America’s best-known fashion retailers has been utilising data analytics to provide a great shopper experience across both their online and retail stores. One way they have been doing this is through the tracking of Pinterest and Instagram fashion trends and then using that data to promote and highlight those popular products both in store and online.

Nordstrom has put a lot of investment into their customer data analysis with more than 30% of its capital being spent on technology and they even set up their own research lab, ‘Nordstrom Innovation Labs’ to develop and test products.



UK fashion retail brand TopShop have been utilising the latest technologies since 2010 to help them craft a unique and personalised shopper experience. Many of their retail stores consist of virtual fitting rooms, which allow customers to select specific garments and see how they would look wearing them.

TopShop also partnered with Google to bring their customers front-row-seats of the catwalk at London Fashion Week, through their ‘Future of Fashion Show’ which allowed customers to instantly purchase many of the products as they saw them on the catwalk.


Marks & Spencer’s

M&S rolled out a virtual rail within their Amsterdam brick-and-mortar store, allowing customers to browse thousands of items from their e-boutique, with the swipe of their hand. Customers could then purchase chosen items and receive free delivery from store iPads or their own mobile devices.


Ted Baker

Ted Baker has been using in-store beacons to send push notifications straight to their customer's smartphones as they wander around the store. These beacons also track footfall, allowing Ted Baker to see which displays attract the most attention and if a customer remains at a display for over ten seconds a push notification will be automatically sent with a time-sensitive special offer for the items on display.

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So there you go just a couple interesting ways that fashion retailers are utilising the era Big Data and the latest technology to create a fantastic customer experience and drive sales.

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