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Matthew Crehan

4 legal persona marketing mistakes your firm needs to avoid!

Building personas of your ideal clients is a powerful strategy that will help your firm generate content ideas and precisely target your paid advertising. But there are also dangers of persona marketing and here are four legal persona marketing mistakes that your firm needs to avoid if you want to be successful.

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4 legal persona marketing mistakes you need to avoid

 Persona congestion

The aim of your claimant persona is to help you hone your firm’s marketing efforts and ensure you are targeting the right individuals for your firm.

But if you’re not careful your personas could do the exact opposite. If you don’t differentiate yourself from competitors through a strong, clear brand story, you’ll simply be targeting the same personas as all your competition with similar content.

Make sure you know exactly who your firm is and how you differ, through your services, experience and client feedback, before you start building those personas. 


Unused personas

Another pitfall of persona marketing, though seen as a highly powerful tool and with many firms stating they have crafted clearly defined personas, is that once made they aren’t being used.

If they’re not being used then they aren’t doing your firm any good.

Often the reason firm’s personas are forgotten about is that the information detailed doesn’t affect the decision process of a client, which in itself is a flaw of the persona crafting process. But by leaving your claimant personas alone for too long you will allow them to become outdated and irrelevant. They should be continuously updated and evolve just as your firm does.


Negative personas

The idea of being able to please everyone is false and if your claimant personas are so light on specifics so as to ensure you can target as broad a spectrum as possible then you're only hurting yourself.

Here defining negative personas for those that would be a poor fit for your firm can be a hugely beneficial tool, allowing you to quickly rule out those visitors that wouldn’t be a good fit as well as aiding in defining who exactly your ideal client is.


Are personas right for you?

But the biggest mistake that legal marketers make is focusing on persona marketing when it isn’t the right fit for their firm.

To create in-depth and detailed personas it takes time, efforts and resource, from conducting and analysing research on your ideal clients, to utilising that data to build your personas and then keeping your personas up to date as your firm grows and evolves.

But if you’re not going to use those personas to guide and inspire your law firm’s content production then you may be better off simply following the assumptions you have of what makes an ideal client for your firm.

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Knowing these four pitfalls you can ensure your firm avoids any persona marketing mistakes and instead gets the most out of it's legal marketing personas, prodcuing targeted content and driving new business to your law firm. 

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