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Matthew Crehan

How To Generate Leads Through Social Media & How To Increase Leads Through Social Media

Social Media makes up 28% of the total time an individual spends online each day and that’s probably only going to increase as the number of connected devices ramps up. But, how can your legal practice make the most of that time and increase your leads through social media? In our blog below we’ll discuss exactly that with our four quick and simple tips.

1. Know your audience and pick the right channel

This might sound like a rather straight forward statement, so hopefully it won’t take you very long to start seeing results. Once you’ve created a well-documented claimant persona, you should be able to begin identifying which social channels they are using so you can make sure you’re distributing your content to the right places and start building leads, why not check out these examples of great legal social media. If that isn’t the case then you need to take a step back and research your potential claimants, allowing you to build that detailed claimant persona so you know exactly which channels to use to generate the most engagement and leads. It’ll also help across the rest of your marketing efforts as you go forward.

2. Become the go-to person

Aim to build your social media platforms to show just how much expertise and knowledge your firm has. You can do this through posting educational and informational content as well as engaging with your audience, and hopefully as a result you’ll be on your way to establishing your firm as a go-to expert on social media. This will lead to more engagement from your followers as they interact with you to ask questions and respond to the content you post, overall increasing your image as an expert driving more click-throughs to your website and in turn generating leads.

3. Gated Content Campaigns

When you’ve built up a following and become a highly valued influencer to your followers, then it’s time to start pushing your gated content through your social channels. Utilising well written posts, which will grab your followers’ attention and make them, want to click onto your website to download the content you’re posting about. But don’t forget, building up a relevant following is key to gaining success with these gated content campaigns!

4. Paid Social Advertising

After building a strong organic lead generation base across your social media channels, it’s time to add to this via paid social advertising. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have very detailed and highly targetable paid advertising options, allowing you to direct your paid ads at your specific audience through adding email lists are targeting specific job roles, locations and even online behaviour, helping to make sure that the leads they generate will have a good return on investment for you.

9 content marketing tips for the legal sector

So now you know how you can start generating leads through social media it’s time to make sure your content backs up those social posts and converts those visitors into leads. So why not check out our eBook for some great content marketing tips: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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