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Matthew Crehan

4 Reasons why your firm needs conversion rate optimisation to survive

Conversion rate optimisation is an important strategy for any legal firm that wants to compete in the digital age. By identifying issues with your website and optimising elements of your pages to fix them, you can see drastic changes in the number of new cases your website generates each month. So here are four other reasons why conversion rate optimisation is key for your firm’s survival.

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Rising Cost of PPC Campaigns

With Google and other online ad providers making it more and more simple to create, perform and monitor digital ad campaigns, it’s only natural that the demand for such platforms is increasing and with it the cost.

In the past PPC was one of the best ways for a small firm to draw attention to its self, while waiting for their SEO and content strategies to kick in. But now it is becoming more and more difficult due to the shear amount of competition.

Law firms are seeing their PPC campaign spend increasing while conversions from them decrease. And this is why CRO is so important. By optimising those all-important landing pages from your PPC ads you can make the most of that spend and ensure those clicks help pay for themselves.


The Social Media Effect

Social media is a powerful tool and has made it so much easier to connect with potential claimants as well as allowing you to build your firm’s authority and loyalty amongst your current client base.

But the concept of social media has played a part in the reduction of your potential claimant’s attention span. Meaning that you now have much less time to capture and leverage potential claimant interest.

But by using CRO strategies and optimising elements of your legal website you can utilise that time best. Be it through simple and clear navigation so potential claimants can easily find what they are looking for, or optimised CTAs to leverage their interest and make them take action there and then.


Legitimise and Streamline your Firm

A legal firm’s website that is continuously being optimised looks more legitimate than a firm’s that isn’t. And a streamlined path from landing page to making a claim for your potential claimants will increase conversions.

For any legal firm this usually means making clear navigation and producing relevant and engaging content which shows the expertise and trustworthiness of your firm and its partners. All of this is optimised to lead your potential claimants to making a claim query on your firm’s website.


Changes made, Effect your Firm’s Site Immediately 

And the final reason that conversion rate optimisation is so important for your firm’s survival is that unlike SEO and other marketing tactics which can take months to truly take effect, by optimising elements on your firm’s website you can see immediate results increasing the conversion rate of your potential claimants and increasing the number of cases coming in through your website.

 Download our Legal CRO eBook

So there you go four reasons why conversion rate optimisation is so important for your firm’s survival and the best thing is that your CRO efforts will have long lasting results as long as they are part of a continuous cycle of improvements.

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