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Andy Donaldson

Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms

Content Marketing is an easy and simple marketing tactic which can have huge benefits to your organic and referral traffic as well as provide your legal firm with a space to build trust and authority with your target audience. So here are four reasons why your legal firm needs content marketing.

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Why your legal firm needs content marketing


By producing content you help to increase your legal firm’s search engine ranking and provide potential claimants with their first form of contact with you. Your awareness stage content should aim to help readers identify the challenges they are facing and then through a call-to-action help them take the next steps in their journey by linking to other content on your firm’s website.

Be the Authority

By creating great, useful and authentic content you will position your legal firm as an authority and an industry expert, which will not only improve your SEO due to ranking for targeted keywords and potential growth of backlinks but it will also increase the discussion around your firm due to the experience and trust it helps build in potential claimants visiting your site.

Take Action

Your legal firm needs content marketing to help make potential claimants take action. From producing awareness stage pieces which drive people to visit your website to moving them across the claimant cycle and converting them into claimants. Every bit of content you produce will have a reason behind it and a call-to-action for your readers to act upon, so make sure you are clear on what that action is.


To have an effective social media strategy you need original content to share and what better way than through your own content. Here by producing visual and entertaining content you can increase the engagement on your social channels and increase traffic to your website. The other benefit of shareable content is the production of backlinks from press, industry experts and relevant bloggers, who see your content as being worthwhile to their audience.  An ideal form of content to share is an infographic as not only do they allow you to show interesting information in a visual way but they are three times more likely to be shared.

Webinar: How to become a legal industry authority with Content Marketing


There you go four reasons why your legal firm needs content marketing to survive, why not check out our great blog to help you build your content strategy: HOW TO BUILD YOUR CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY.

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