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Social Media Tactics For Business | Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social media marketing is a fantastic platform your law firm can utilise to build brand awareness, which in turn can help you generate new leads. But, we understand that depending on your legal service specialisms, some client cases can take years to obtain. That’s why it’s important to constantly stay at the forefront of your target audiences’ mind. So that, one day, when they do require legal representation, your firm springs to mind first!

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Here’s 4 social media tactics to win new clients for your firm.

social media tactics to win new clients for your firm

You need to actively participate

If you’re just churning out content without actively participating in your community, you can’t expect everyone to automatically engage with your content. If you want to expand your firm’s social reach organically, then you have to put in a bit of work. Get your firm’s name noticed a little more, outside your profile area. Retweeting, sharing and commenting, are all actions that will help raise your profile across social channels.

Optimise your social profiles

How will this one help you win new clients, though? Having a correctly optimised profile will help users understand in a snapshot exactly what your law firm specialise in, where you’re based and how to contact you directly. All these details will eliminate any uncertainty your user will have about who you are. Making it easy to contact your firm directly, at the click of a button, will help make the buyer’s journey that little bit shorter for them, too.

Learn from the best

If there’s a company or an individual you look up to in the legal sector, perhaps you always go to their website to read up on advice, or maybe it’s just that you like the articles this individual shares. Whoever it is, learn from how they interact with their social audience. If they’re an influencer in the field, how have they become so successful? What content are they sharing? There’s nothing stopping you from taking tactics from others, and making them your own – it’s sometimes how creative ideas are sparked!

Shake the content format up

You shouldn’t just stick to sharing and re-sharing basic blog post content, try and experiment a little to see what takes your audiences’ fancy! A competition that is relevant, but by no means dry, could create a great deal of exposure for your firm, particularly if it is accompanied by aesthetically pleasing imagery! Hill Dickinson created a children’s calendar competition, where the 12 winning hand-drawn pictures took pride of place, representing each of the 12 months of the year. This competition reinforced their family-oriented legal services and encouraged interaction amongst the social community.

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