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Andy Donaldson

5 Content Marketing Tips for any Budget

Budgets can often be one of the biggest challenges facing marketers, with new and emerging technologies at our disposable but all at a cost. However there is a lot of content marketing that can be done with resources you probably already have at your fingertips. So check out our list of five content marketing tips for any budget below:

1. Emails into Blogs

Struggling to get budget to spend time researching new content ideas, well why not check that sent folder on your email and see what some of the most common question you and other members of your legal firm find yourselves answering. By using claimant questions you are not only producing content which they will be looking for but hopefully you’ll reduce the number of emails you’re getting as well.

2. PowerPoint the Super Tool

PowerPoint is an amazing tool with it you can create some fantastic visual graphics and infographics which would cost you a fortune to do with either a designer or by purchasing software like the Adobe suite. But not only that, you can take those presentations you make for meetings and turn them into SlideShares giving you an extra piece of content in little to no time and at no cost to your budget.

3. The One to Four Trick

Webinars are a great bit of content as they allow you speak directly to potential claimants, but they do take some time and budget to produce, well why not gain that investment back by making use of the one to four trick. Following your webinar you can use the recording as a video to share on social channels as well as your website. By stripping the audio from the video you can give yourself a podcast which you put on iTunes and podcasting directories like Stitcher. And finally you can make that webinar into an eBook or a couple blogs, while also gaining future content ideas from the questions asked by attendees.

4. Blogs to eBooks

You’ve produced a lot of blogs on your site but you’re worried their life span is over and you’re not sure what to do with them, why not collect those that discuss similar topics and build them into an eBook which you can offer to potential claimants?

5. Social Media Outreach

PR firms and press release distribution can be costly but with social media you have a completely free way to get outreach for your content, so track down your social advocates and start getting your content shared with their audience to help build engagement with your content.

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Well that’s it, five simple content marketing tips for any budget, but if you want some more content marketing tips then check out our eBook here: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector.


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