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Andy Donaldson

5 facts about omni-channel marketing you need to know!

If you’re still unsure whether your fashion brand should make the shift to omni-channel, then maybe these 5 facts could persuade you into researching it further!


#1 - According to Zen Desk 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.

Why does this matter?

What your customers think of your brand, should matter greatly to you and everyone in the company. Therefore, having a seamless experience, if not to appease the large 87% of customers should be a high priority for your fashion brand.

#2 - Business2Community state that 50% of consumers expect to buy online and be able to pick up in-store.

Why does this matter?

With half of consumers expecting a perfectly reasonable and basic cross-channel feature, many stores are now implementing this customer experience pathway. Encouraging your customers to interact with your brand in your physical store and across your ecommerce website is a skill fashion marketers need to develop.

#3 - 34% have used their mobile device to research products while in a store – Business2Community

Why does this matter?

Again, connecting the physical world with the digital world is becoming increasingly important to shoppers. Whether that’s accessing up-to-date stock information in a particular store, or simply enhancing their shopping experience when looking for a specific item found online. It’s important for fashion brands to bridge the gap between these two channels, perhaps even looking to implement a QR code within the shop to scan for discounts. Cross-channel perks like this can help strengthen the delivery of your omni-channel strategy.

#4 - 70% of internet users buy clothing and footwear online, making clothing and footwear the most purchased item online - Mintel

Why does this matter?

Constantly looking to better the experience for your customer, is a crucial mind set your fashion brand needs to adopt in order to make an impact online. Ecommerce is a big business, as the above states, a massive 70% of internet users buy clothing online! So make sure you’re not lost amongst the competition, build a strong and impactful omni-channel strategy.

#5 - 83% of brands expect to have an omni-channel strategy in place within 18 months – Econsultancy

Why does this matter?

This highlights just how popular an omni-channel strategy is becoming amongst the industry. As the strategies develop and customer experience innovation grows, the more demanding the requirements of ecommerce will become. You need to ensure your brand doesn’t get left behind!

Need a bit more guidance? Check out our step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing, download the eBook now!

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