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Matthew Crehan

CRO Strategy | A Successful CRO Marketing Strategy

When building your firm's CRO strategy the first step is to gather all the information which you will need to help make an informed decision about what you need to change to optimise your legal website. In this blog we’ll discuss the five most important pieces of information for you to gather to make your CRO strategy successful.

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 Traffic Volume

By measuring traffic volume you get a couple key indicators which will help you plan your CRO strategy, from the amount of search volume, to the performance of key pages. This allows you to decide on the tools you will use as well as beginning to provide you with some order to what the priority for your CRO strategy should be.

Which Page First

By investigating traffic volume as mentioned, we can see which pages perform best and worst, allowing us to build an idea of where our CRO strategy should begin. But we also need to look at our overall marketing goals when deciding which pages your legal firm deems as the priority to optimise first.

Your Goals

Focusing not only on your overall marketing goals but on the goals of your legal firm, will allow you to make sure that your CRO strategy is aligned with them. Overtime business goals can change so you will need to continuously revisit your CRO goals to make sure they still align.


Conversions may mean a number of different things to certain people in our legal firm, from a potential claimant signing up to a webinar to becoming a claimant. But they all allow you to see that your marketing is helping you achieve your business goal. Here it is important to assign value to the different types of conversion, so that you can report on how and why it is more important that a potential claimant downloads an eBook rather than simply reads a blog.

Funnel Process

This final set of information that needs to be gathered is very important in allowing your legal firm to make decisions and reinforce them. By looking at both your marketing and sales funnels you can gather information on what happens to a potential claimant at every step of their journey and therefore, make decisions on what you need to do to help them convert to the next stage.

 legal Podcast 1 - profiling for your CRO strategy

So that’s five areas of information that you need to gather if you want to build a successful CRO strategy for your legal firm. Once you’ve gathered this information you can begin to build out your CRO plan, why not check out this blog to find out how

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