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Helen Jackson

6 tips to ensure your calls-to-action perform at their very best

Calls-to-action (CTA) can be so effective when it comes to getting the right eyes in front of your content offers. But even if you know your content offer is perfect for your audience, how can you make sure they are exposed to your audience? This is where having the perfect CTA comes in.

Whether it is text, a button or an image CTA, it’s their job to deliver those visitors to your content offer landing page. So if you feel your CTAs aren’t as effective as they should be, check out the six tips below to ensure they’re working as hard as possible!

make sure your calls-to-action perform at their very best

Firstly, make sure your CTA is visible to your users

There’s no point hiding your CTA at the bottom of the page. It’s been proven that CTAs perform at their best if a visitor can see them above the fold of your web page. Heat map analysis shows that anything below the fold of your web page is only viewed by 50% of those visiting your page.

Make sure you place it both above and below the fold to double your chances of a click through!

Make sure your language used is clear

Having an ambiguous CTA will only confuse the user. Ensure you make it obvious that your CTA can be clicked to take them to the offer, and make sure they know it’s free of charge – unless is isn’t, of course!

You need to make sure your language is direct and descriptive of what your offer is, this will increase the chances of your visitors actually clicking the CTA to explore further.

Be creative with colour

Let’s be honest, if your CTA merges with your site’s colours, or it’s just hard to see in general, it isn’t going to perform as strongly as it would have if you’d have used contrasting colours in your design.

CTAs are meant to stand out, almost waving the user over to encourage them to perform an action – which in this case is to click and download your content offer.

The colour of your CTA is the perfect site element to A/B test to measure the difference in results.

Make sure your CTA links to a dedicated landing page

The worst thing you can link your CTA to is your homepage. Sending the user to a generic page, such as this one, is just going to leave them floating around your website with zero direction. Your CTA should direct them to a dedicated landing page that preferably uses the same language and messaging as your CTA did. You want to minimise the risk of confusion and increase chances of that user converting.

Include your CTAs on your product pages

You can create separate product or service-related content offers and place a CTA for each on the relevant website pages. You’re aiming to give your users a pleasant user experience, it’s, therefore, important that your content offers help create a cross-page experience that will benefit the user. You might want to consider including a further down the funnel offer on the product pages, just in case the user is actively looking to purchase. An offer that would work well at this point would be a trial or a demo of your services or product offering.

Don’t forget about your thank you pages

At this point a user has converted – congratulations! However, just because they’ve converted on this offer, doesn’t mean you should stop trying to engage them in others! You want to increase the user’s engagement with your brand. That’s why placing a different CTA on your thank you page, can help re-convert the same user, hopefully bringing them that little bit closer to purchasing your products or services.

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