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Andy Donaldson


As of June 2015 mobile device usage overtook desktop and there are no signs of that letting up as mobile devices continue to become more and more powerful. Because of this it’s key that you optimise your legal firm for mobile marketing. So here is a list of the top seven ways you can get optimised today.

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Assess your firm’s readiness for mobile marketing

Before undergoing a full mobile optimisation and building a mobile site or app, you need to assess if your legal firm is actually ready for mobile. Is mobile use something potential claimants want from your firm and can you offer them a great user experience? If the answer is no then focus your efforts on making your current website responsive so that mobile users can have a pleasant experience on your website, and you don’t suffer any penalties from search engines, while not wasting money and time on developing a standalone mobile website or app for your firm.


Make a mobile friendly website

But if your legal firm is ready for mobile, then a good place to start is by building a mobile friendly website so that mobile users can have a tailored experience and see all that your firm has to offer. Look at reducing the amount of data entry in forms, along with the number of distractions on pages, and increase the speed of your page load times.


Clean and simple

For your mobile site you want to keep things clear and simple. Make sure that text is easily readable and reduce your user’s need to zoom by using a minimum font size of 14px. Keep your call-to-action buttons large and prominent so that users can easily spot them and don’t have any issues pressing them while they are on the go.


Don’t forget social media

In your mobile marketing you shouldn’t forget social media. Predominantly mobile usage has grown alongside the growth of social media and that’s no coincidence. So you need to make sure that you compliment your legal firm’s mobile website through real time interaction via social media.


Provide a full omni-channel experience

As above its important your mobile experience isn’t siloed, so you need to provide a consistent experience across all of your legal firm’s channels. Allowing each channel to interact and therefore encourage users to engage in multiple touch points with your firm, from desktop, mobile, social and even face to face at your practice. By doing this you can provide a great omni-channel experience.


Catch user’s activity

Use your mobile marketing to help your CRO strategy by using tools to catch user’s activity on your mobile site. Tools such as heatmaps and click maps allow you to see just how users behave and interact with your website, giving you important information to feed into your CRO campaigns and help continue to optimise your mobile conversions.


Keep testing

To make sure you continue to get the most out of your mobile marketing you need to continually analyse performance and test new ways to help optimise it. Use testing methods such as A/B and multivariate tests to allow you to test multiple changes to your mobile site and help to optimise it for conversions.

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There you have seven great ways to optimise your mobile marketing efforts so that you can increase your legal firm’s conversion rate from mobile users.  


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