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A quick look at the Phase Eight mobile experience

A quick look at the Phase Eight mobile experience

You should always keep one eye on the competition, particularly for ideas when it comes to creating your mobile strategy! Sometimes just glancing at the competition can spark creativity within your internal teams. Here, we briefly discuss our first thoughts on the Phase Eight mobile experience.

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Phase Eight

The Phase Eight site mirrors their elegant logo. It’s clean and Phase Eight mobile viewsimple, accentuated by the use of white space and the product images are also clean and easy to understand. The homepage is broken up nicely by different sized images and the icons used are globally recognised, with a bag symbolising your shopping bag. Perfect! The icons are also easily navigable with your thumb making the customer experience a pleasant one.

What would we change?

At a glance, we’d say the offers of ‘free UK delivery over £50’ along with the other two, look a little cluttered. When viewed on a desktop, these line up side by side, with plenty of space between each. In mobile view however, they look squashed and the eye isn’t immediately drawn to these USPs.


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