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Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore

Adding Christmas Spirit to Your Social Media

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday passing by in the blink of an eye and Christmas well and truly around the corner, consumers are in the mood to splash their cash. With social media being your most trustworthy tool to drive sales this festive season, it’s important to make sure that your content is filled with Christmas cheer (and CTA’s!) that is going to give the right shoppers all the inspiration that they need to make a purchase – here are some tips and advice about how to create beneficial, ‘Christmassy’ content for your social media channels this year.

Christmas Comes Early

In marketing, Christmas has arrived in August and by September, the tree is up, the lights are on and the shopping has begun. THIS is the time you should begin to target the organised shoppers – the ones that need ideas about what their loved ones are going to want come Christmas time. If you didn’t start your Christmas content when the evenings were still light, never fear, there’s still the opportunity to tap into the heads of the last-minute Larry’s. You can bank on the fact that there are slightly panicked shoppers desperately scrolling online for gift ideas, and so you need them to come across your content. Use your social ads to play on the fact that Christmas is JUST around the corner (not a lie) and that if something isn’t bought soon, it may be too late (slight exaggeration) and maybe, product depending, even target the middle aged male demographic (total but not inaccurate assumption).

Make it Easy to Shop

It’s Christmas. The whole world is busy, the parties are in full swing and there’s roughly a million and one things to do on the average to-do list - so make your products easy to purchase. Your content might have been spotted through a social ad or Instagram story and the consumer may be interested in purchasing, but they can’t see a quick and easy way to get to the checkout before they have to head to the butchers to pick up the turkey. They head to a different site and quickly buy a similar product. At this time of year, it’s important that your products are easy to purchase and your site is user-friendly. Ways of doing this are; providing swipe-up on Instagram stories (if you have the means) or simply linking your product on social media so that the user can click straight through the product page, rather than finding themselves on the homepage and having to search for the product themselves. This will make a huge difference.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories aren’t only a great way to reach new customers, but they also have a lot more scope in terms of design and creativity than an Instagram grid post might. This is perfect when it comes to the glitter and sparkle of Christmas. Think of your Instagram story as a shop window. .You want the customer to feel inspired by what they see. According to Facebook IQ data, 69% of people find Instagram stories a useful way to discover new products and services and 62% become more interested in that brand or particular product after seeing it on stories.

Have Someone Managing your Messaging

You’ll be surprised at how many people message brands over social media for more information about a product before they commit to a purchase, which is probably more likely if you have a high price-point for your products or don’t offer free-returns (everyone wants free-returns if they’re buying a Christmas gift for someone else). If this is the case, it’s important to have someone keeping an eye on messages from potential customers so that you can answer questions and secure the purchase. Giving good customer service might also mean that your brand is recommended to other people, as well.

Don’t fall behind at the most wonderful time of year! Get in touch with Hit Search if you would like some help and advice on how to manage your social media as a retail brand at Christmas…or any other time of year!

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